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A free screen recorder helps record every important and precious moment in daily life. Try iTop Screen Recorder and easily count those moments all!

Video Conference Recording
Movie Recording
Music Recording
Online Course Recording
Self-Made Tutorials Recording

Online video conference plays an indispensable role in our daily work. But sometimes it is so hard to focus on the screen and meanwhile take notes. Don’t worry! The powerful iTop Screen Recorder helps to keep every single word effortlessly. Let’s mark your every step to career success with iTop Screen Recorder!

Having a relaxed enjoyment on HD movies sounds good, but it always requires high-speed Internet. For people who want to enjoy movies offline for free, iTop Screen Recorder is the best choice to try!

Sometimes people have to extract an audio clip from a video by themselves, because there is no official version released. To enjoy favorite music offline without downloading, iTop Screen Recorder can be your considerate assistant!

Indeed, online courses have benefited many people, allowing them to learn various knowledge wherever and whenever. Due to some consideration, some courses don’t allow users to play back. But we all know that one could review the old to know the new. Start to record your online courses with iTop Screen Recorder and review them whenever you want!

Nowadays, new rising work is to make online tutorials. A large group of them earn a living by it. Therefore, guaranteeing the high quality of the online tutorials is very important. Let the professional iTop Screen Recorder safeguard every step of your online tutorial recording!

You are not allowed to record any copyrighted movies with the screen recorder unless you obtain the authorization first.

You are not allowed to record any copyrighted musics with the screen recorder unless you obtain the authorization first.

Capture The Best Moment of Your Gaming Life with Game Mode

Easily record your highlight moments in the game with Game Mode and share them with all the gamers across the planet!

High Performance Low CPU Usage

Using the hardware acceleration of NVIDIA, AMD or Intel,  iTop Screen Recorder records in the background without lagging the game.

High-Definition Recording

iTop Screen Recorder can record games in 4K Ultra HD up to 4096 × 2160 resolution with a wide variety of file format to choose from.

Super Easy to Use

Start your recording with a simple click and use hotkeys to control it without leaving the game.

iTop Screen Recorder Game Mode

Enjoy Excellent Screen Recorder
Experience with Our Main Features

Check out the main features to know what makes iTop Screen Recorder stand out! Download it to start your amazing recording experience right away!

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Flexible Screen Capture

Select any area of your screen to start recording, from the entire display to a small dialog box. iTop Screen Recorder supports multiple displays. Capture every detail and cut off every interference.

Facecam Recording

A perfect screen recorder is not only a perfect screen record copy but more than it. iTop Screen Recorder provides you with a Facecam function, allowing you to record your face in a video. Using Facecam in many situations, like online tutorials, game recording, PowerPoint presentations.

No Lagging While HD Recording

Optimizing over and over, iTop Screen Recorder achieves an average 8% CPU utilization, making extremely smooth recording possible. Like flowing air surrounding you: hardly felt, but always by your side.

Take Screenshots While Recording

Both dynamic and static are equal and parallel. Since that, we break through technical barriers between video & audio recording and screen capture taking simultaneously. To give users better using experience, we never stop trying.

Multiple Output/Convert Formats

Trying to cover different groups’ demands, more than 12 output formats are supported to be storage and conversion to other formats you want. Compatible with any mainstream digital devices, from your up-to-date iPhone to your mama’s old MP4 player.

Record the Screen with Audio

Experience the most excellent screen recorder with audio. Every syllable of inside background, speaker and tiny microphone on your headset are completely recorded. From image to audio, we are professional.

Free Screen Recorder
Enjoy sorts of powerful functions without paying one penny. 0 cost but 100% high-quality service.
Available for Windows
Exclusive for Microsoft Windows, including 7, 8 and 10. No worry of Incompatibility issues.
Easy to Use
Holding user-friendly philosophy, each step is elaborately designed. Make beginner a master within a few seconds.

How to Record Your Screen with iTop
Screen Recorder

Easily record every moment with iTop Screen Recorder immediately! Only 3 steps are enough for recording.

1. Set up Preference

Record full screen or any selected area and adjust other settings as you want.

2. Record the Screen

Record what is happening on your screen without lagging on the frame.

3. Save and Edit

Output the video to any popular format and simply edit your video.

Free Download

iTop Screen Recorder Brings You Far beyond Recording

Check out the extra features that make iTop Screen Recorder more user-friendly and easy to use.

Free Download

Video Editing

The built-in editor is free and effortless to use. You can cut and trim recorded videos by simply dragging the timeline bar and exporting your final works very smoothly.

Add BGM&Filter

iTop Screen recorder supports adding background music and video filter to recorded videos for free. This will make your video more attractive.

Download Replacing

Use iTop Screen Recorder to replace inefficient download. Low download speed, unstable network environment and contents limitation are no longer problems.

Video Saving

Record and save video recordings in multiple qualities, sizes and 17 mainstream streaming formats. No more worries about restricted formats and incompatibility.

Recording Schedule

With iTop Screen Recorder, you can schedule the time of start and end recordings. The screen recording can be started and ended automatically, it will be much convenient!

Extra Audio Saving

iTop Screen Recorder also provides the function of extra audio file saving. You can opt to save the recorded video as both video or audio files separately.

What Others Say

Users are satisfied with our free screen recorder, and want to share their experience with you.

Robbins Hilton

Hi, there! Your fantastic free screen recorder surprises me. I can record all these precious and wonderful moments with iTop Screen Recorder, especially for some live videos. The videos I record with iTop Screen Recorder are extremely high-quality. I can save and share them with my friends. I was not sure of its services but the results I have got are far more amazing. It’s brilliant!

Robbins Hilton

Elsie Weston

Well, so far so great. iTop Screen Recorder has really been an all-in-one tool that is easy to use. It solves my problem of how to record screen on Windows. With iTop Screen Recorder, I can take screenshots while HD recording and edit diverse captions for the video after recording. Then I send it to my Instagram and catch massive attention. This powerful screen recorder has helped drive my business forward. BTW, it’s totally free.

Elsie Weston

Marielle Irvine

As a secretary, I need to use screen recording software a lot. It is hard to find an ideal free screen recorder for me, but iTop Screen Recorder happens to be such a perfect tool for video-teleconference records and helps me a lot! I could record the HD screen with it and convert the video into different formats. I highly recommend iTop Screen Recorder, and it deserves to be owned!

Marielle Irvine

Enrico Valencia

I came across this free screen recorder and became a fan of it for its simple editing functions. Because I like to record the operation process to help people solve computer problems, and this recording software allows me to record with audio so that I can directly upload the edited video to YouTube after recording. It combines recording and editing, which is very convenient for bloggers who want to share tutorials video just like me!

Enrico Valencia

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More Detailed Guides


  • Why Is There No Sound in My Recording?

    Check the audio input in the screen recorder. To record the system sound, make sure there is no headset connection. To ensure that external sound can be collected, turn on the microphone during screen recording.

  • Is iTop Screen Recorder Safe to Use?

    iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder for Windows 7,8,10. To us, customer data and information security is our priority. We have implemented reasonable technical and organizational measures to ensure no malware or hacking issues.

  • What Video Formats are Supported by iTop Screen Recorder?

    iTop Screen Recorder supports multiple formats, including MP4 AVI FLV MKV MOV TS GIF and so on.

  • Can I Record My Webcam and Screen at the Same Time?

    Recording screen and webcam video simultaneously are primarily for instructional purposes, tutorials, and presentations. Luckily, iTop Screen Recorder has this feature. You can record your screen and webcam at the same time.

  • Does iTop Screen Recorder Have a Time Limit on Screen Recording?

    There is no time limit for recording. Hence you can record as long as you want.

  • Is It Illegal to Screen Record YouTube or Netflix?

    You are not allowed to record any copyrighted videos with the screen recorder unless you obtain the authorization first. Most video platforms like YouTube, Netflix, etc. have terms of service that prohibit stream capture. It's against their rules to screen record videos without authorization.

  • Is iTop Screen Recorder Free?

    iTop Screen Recorder is a completely free screen recorder with audio. You have access to the fully-featured of this free recording software, no time limits, quick editing after recording, and easy to create the great video that you want.

  • Can Screen Recording be Detected on Some Platforms?

    It depends on the platform you use. Snapchat: It still notifies users when you screen record privately messaged snaps, but some third-party apps can bypass this. OnlyFans: It doesn't alert when you screenshot or screen record a video. Instagram: It doesn’t detect, but if you take a screenshot from someone’s dm picture, it will notify them. Use third-party tools can bypass this. Zoom: If you record with the zoom app, it will alert the host and probably everyone else in the room. If you use a 3rd party app, it doesn’t alert anyone.

  • What Are Its Features?

    iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use and free screen recorder for Windows (PC). You can record the PC screen with the intimate countdown guide. No restrictions on video length, bundled software, and ad-free. Besides, this free recording software provides dozens of export options and format conversion. After the recording, you can quickly edit videos as you want.

  • Can It Record for Gaming?

    Absolutely! Many gamers turn to iTop Screen Recorder, the excellent online screen recorder, to record and edit their gameplay. The recording process does not take up a huge amount of CPU and memory, ensuring your smooth experience.