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Tips of How to Record Webcam and Screen with Screen Recorder [Newest]

A detailed introduction of how to record your webcam & computer screen at the same time. Guidance of how to use three different software to record both camera & screen.

A video call isn’t something that special today. But how to record the webcam, with both your voice & face shows up on your computer? Meanwhile, in many working environments, the need for recording computer screen & webcam exists. Imagine if you are asked to record a professional meeting. Or you need to make a lecture video for academic usage. Or you are a content provider and want to make a “How to” tutorial video posted on YouTube. I many cases, you will need to record presentations that must have both your desktop operations & facial expressions recorded. For those working scenarios, you will need to know how to record webcam & desktop at the same time.

How to Record Webcam and Screen

Generally speaking, it isn’t that hard to record a webcam on a computer. Today by using different screen recorder software, you can easily record your face through a webcam & your computer screen at the same time. Let’s check out the 3 ways to record screen and webcam on PC at the same time.

How to Record Your Screen and Webcam with iTop Screen Recorder [Completely Free]

There is not the only way to resolve a problem. There always alternative options for you to record your webcam & screen, maybe even a little bit easier. Here I would like to recommend iTop Screen Recorder. It is clean, with no entry barrier (at least won’t let you learn those video/ audio terminologies). And the most important part is, it is free to use, plus no feature restrictions like limited record time etc.

How to Record Screen and Webcam with iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is very handy to use. It empowers you to record screen on Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11 with no effort at all.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded & installed the iTop Screen Recorder. Run it, you will see its main interface. Leave it here and we will right back.

Second, Switch to the iTop Screen Recorder, click “Select Region” then choose “Select Window” or select the screen region you need to record.

Click "Select Zone" to Record

Third, Click the Webcam button, your webcam will be overlaid on the screen region you have selected & recorded. Click the red “REC” button.

Click "Webcam" then Click "REC"

The Last, Then your screen & webcam is recording at the same time. Click the red “Stop” icon anytime to stop the recording.  (You can use the built-in video editor to edit your recorded video.)

Click Stop Button to Finish Recording

Warm Tip: iTop Video Recorder Online, an online webcam video recorder, empowers you to record unlimited videos from webcam. You can make a reaction video, a tutorial video or a presentation with internal or external webcam with ease. No installation, no registration and totally safe. 

Use OBS Studio to Record Webcam & Screen

The OBS Studio is one of the best screen capturers/recorders for video streamers. OBS can handle almost all kinds of screen/ webcam recording jobs. Not to mention, the OBS is free, open-source software that you can download from the OBS project website & use freely. And it supports both Windows, MAC, Linux, and mobile systems. Personally, OBS is the one that always bubbles up to the top. You will never want to neglect it to help you with webcam recording.

How to Record Your Screen & Webcam with OBS

First, you need to download & install the OBS & make sure your camera has connected to your system and recognized correctly. Lunch the OBS Studio after it is installed.

Second, you will see the default screen of OBS Studio. To be honest it looks a little complex but we just need to stick to the features we need to record your webcam or record webcam & screen at the same time.

Use OBS Studio to Record Webcam

The third thing you will need to check out is the “Scene” option, and you can find the “Sources.” Here we need to add the source. Click on the plus in the “Source” that we want to capture is the web camera, then we find the “Video Capture Device.” which is referred to as your webcam since it is the video capture device. Click on that and name it, and then click OK, and you will see the webcam filming is right to appear on the screen. Make sure you are selecting the correct device (in case you have multiple webcams). You can also do some video/audio settings and drag the captured window to resize it.

Select the Webcam to Capture in OBS Studio

The next step to record your webcam is to click “Start Recording” under “Controls”, then the OBS Studio will start record your webcam with both video & audio.

Click Start Recording to Record the Webcam

If you want to record the desktop screen while recording the webcam or to record the game with your webcam shows up in the right-hand corner. Just click the plus under “Source” then choose “Display Capture” The OBS Studio will capture the graphic that shows up on your desktop by adding your monitor display as a source. After then, make sure you’ve selected the “Display Capture” as the source, click “Start Recording” the recording will begin.

You Can Add multiple Display Capture Devices in OBS

You can stop the recording anytime by clicking the “Stop Recording” in the “Control.” The recorded video files will be saved in the system “Video” folder by default.

Besides OBS, iTop Screen Recorder can also be used as a tool to record Zoom meeting without permission

How to Record Your Webcam with Bandicam [Restricted Feature]

Bandicam is another famous screen capture & recording software. Through Bandicam acclaim that their product is optimized for game recording. But it surely capable of recording both your computer screen & webcam.

Step. 1 Download & Install the Bandicam, Execute the program. You will see its main interface.

Step. 2 Click the Webcam icon on the top panel, then the Recording settings will pop up.

Click the Webcam Icon to Open Bandicam Webcam Settings

Step. 3 Make sure the “Add webcam overlay to video” is selected. Then click “OK

Select the Webcam Overlay to Enable Webcam Recording in Bandicam

Step. 4 Under the “Get Started” tab, select the record region, then click the red “REC” button on the upper right hand to start recording.

Start Recording by Select the Zone & Click the Camera

Mention: For an unregistered version of Bandicam, it allows only 10 minutes of recording time. Plus, the Bandicam watermark will be added to the recorded video. You need to pay $35.99 to unlock all limitations.


For video makers & content creators, there are many tricks that we could learn to enrich our works. For example, how to record a tutorial video, presentation or gameplay. As for recording screen and webcam, there is lots of software can meet your needs. iTop Screen Recorder is one of the most suitable recording software that can help you capture webcam to record yourself and screen at the same time. The screen recorder for Windows 10 and 11 delivers fast and smooth recording experience. Try it to capture your screen and webcam hassle-free. 

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