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How to Record Instagram Live on iPhone/Android/PC – 100% Working 

Being upset about missing Instagram lives? We bring 3 practical screen recorders to help on how to record Instagram live on iPhone, Android, and PC.

Has this ever happened to you that you are struggling with the thesis when your favorite Instagrammer is live streaming? What a tough decision you have to make to give the Instagram live up! Even if you have a chance to enjoy the Instagram live you are fond of, watching it once may not enough for a loyal fan like you. Your wish is to watch it anytime, anywhere in a comfortable position. Furthermore, a better option is to save it as editing footage so as to make a video collection some time.

Unluckily, Instagram live videos disappear automatically when the live streams are finished. So, if you want to save it for later viewing, the best solution is to record the Instagram live on your device, no matter the iPhone, Android, or PC. But how to record Instagram live on these devices?

In the following part of this article, we'll show you the detailed steps of recording Instagram on an iPhone/Android/PC one by one.

How to Record Instagram Live on iPhone without Downloading?

The problem that how to record Instagram live on iPhone can be easier than you think after the iOS 11 release. iOS comes with a handy built-in screen recorder, you are allowed to record everything that is going on your screen.

The built-in screen recorder has three basic functions, which are video recording, audio recording, and disturbance-free button.

Time to come straight to the point, we divide the whole recording process into 4 simple steps: add the record button, record the screen, end the screen recording and find the recordings.

Step 1. Add the record button.

Go to the “Settings” to find the “Control Center” and then scroll down to tap the green “+” button next to “Screen Recording”. 

How to Record IG Live on iPhone

Step 2. Record the Instagram live on the iPhone screen.

Go back to the “Control Center” and enable the screen recording button. Wait for a three-second countdown and it will start recording automatically.How to Record IG Live on iPhone - Step 2

Step 3. End screen recording.

Go back to the Control Center to toggle the screen recording icon button or tap the red bar at the top of your iPhone screen to end the recording. 

You can find and view the videos you just saved in “Photos”.

Note: Keep in mind that if you'd like to record your voice at the same time, you need to press and hold on the screen recording button, and tap the microphone, then tap “Start Recording”. Your screen recording will begin in 3 seconds.

How to Record Live on Instagram on Android in 3 Steps?

Even iPhone has billions of fans, Android also has crowds of loyal users. So, for some Android customers, how to screen record Instagram live on Android is also a puzzle.

You have a question and we have the answer. Here we recommend a popular tool -XRecorder, to help solve how to record the Instagram live video on Android, due to it gets a high rating of 4.7(5 is a total score) in Google Play and it has more than 100,000 downloads.

Attractive advantages of XRecorder:

  • No watermark.
  • No root needed.
  • No restriction on recording time. 

Next, we'll show you how to record an Instagram live video in 3 steps. After you installing the XRecorder, you'll find it has a translucent quick menu icon at the right-hand side of the screen or options hidden in the top pull-down menu.

Step 1. Modify recording settings.

Tap the “Settings” icon to set your preferences for video, audio, and other control settings like disenabling the automatic countdown.Modify the Recording Settings of XRecorder

Step 2. Record the screen. 

Tap the red dot to record the screen. During the recording process, you can click the “Tools” icon to enable screenshot, brush, and facecam.Record IG Live on Android

Step 3. Edit the recordings.

Tap the “Pen” button to edit the video and screenshots. It allows you to trim videos, change the speed of it, and add text messages and music to it.How to Record Instagram Live on Android

How Record IG Live Videos on PC - 100% Free

For users who prefer a bigger screen to enjoy Instagram live, a PC is a good choice. Therefore, how to record Instagram live on PC is an urgent problem for them. 

Speaking of how to record Instagram live from PC, unlike on mobile phones, people usually can't recall some excellent Apps. But things will change now. iTop Screen Recorder – developed by iTop, is always the last product you want to miss.

Why Should You Choose iTop Screen Recorder?

Free to get, free to use.

iTop Screen Recorder can be easily downloaded from the official website for free and users needn't pay for using it.

100% safe and private.

Users can be 100% assured that only you have the right to share and use your recorded videos. iTop Screen Recorder will not disclose your personal privacy. 

Flexible Screen Capture.

Users can control the recording zone of their screen because iTop Screen Recorder has a flexible screen capture feature.

Easy to use.

No more than 4 steps to record a complete live video and the full workflow is really simple for everyone to master in three minutes.

No time limit.

There is no limitation on the length of recordings when using iTop Screen Recorder, so it's a perfect selection to record a long-time live stream.

Multiple output formats.

In order to offer better service, iTop Screen Recorder supports more than 12 output formats. And you can play the recordings on any mainstream digital device.

HD recording.

The iTop Screen Recorder, as a 1080p screen recorder, meets your needs of recording screen in high definition, so the recorded videos can be viewed smoothly without loss of quality.

How to Record Instagram Live with iTop Screen Recorder in 4 Steps 

Since it is mentioned that iTop Screen Recorder is easy to use in the former part, this is the moment that we can prove how to screen record Instagram live on PC simply with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Set up preference.

Select any zone of the PC screen, usually, the full screen of the object you'll record.

Light up the icons of Speaker, Mic, Mouse, and Webcam if you need them in the recording process. How to Record IG Live on PC with iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2. Record the screen.

Tap the big red icon “REC” before the Instagram live starts because you have to wait for a 3-seconds automatic countdown.

At the right bottom of the recording screen, you can tap the play icon(“F10”) to pause the recording and tap the red square icon(“F9”) to end the recording. Then the recordings will be saved on iTop Screen Recorder.How to Screen Record Instagram Live – Step 2

Step 3. Edit the recordings.

Find the recordings and screenshots under “My Creations”. Click the preview button to check if it needs to be edited. Click the edit button to trim the recordings by dragging the red sidebar.How to Record IG Live on iTop Screen Recorder

Note: If you want to share your creations, you can click the file button beside the screenshots to open the file location or set the location of the outputs in “Recording Settings” ahead of recording.

4 Tips to Make Your Videos Better

Now you have your videos, but is that enough? If you want to make your videos better, you need to pay attention to the following points.

Watch the copyright.

Always remember that you are recording videos that belong to others. So, you have no right to use them for commercial purposes. And if you want to do so, you should contact the video owner to access authorization.

Notice the resolution ratio.

It will be the most disappointing thing when you find the recordings of low quality after finishing recording the full live video. Terrible may be the first word that occurs in your mind. So, for a good watching experience, you'd better choose a 1080p screen recorder like iTop Screen Recorder. 

Keep stable network speed.

What will happen when you are recording a live video, the network goes down unexpectedly or the live video load slowly? The live streaming doesn't wait for you to connect to the Internet again. And you're bound to miss some of the content. Therefore, it's mattered to make sure you are in a stable network environment.

Keep your screen simple.

Keep a mouse cursor and other irrelevant stuff out of the captured zone. Otherwise, they may affect the viewing experience. Just as you are focus on watching the recorded video, then a mouse cursor moving on the screen or a message notification popped out subsequently. How do you feel about this?


In the article, we deliberately picked up 3 screen recorders for users whether using iPhone, Android, or PC to figure out the common issue that how to record Instagram live. iPhone has a built-in screen recorder, and XRecorder is better suited to Android. While how to record Instagram live on PC, iTop Screen Recorder has an easy and free method. No hesitation anymore. Action brings changes!

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