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iTop Free Screen Recorder – Video Recording & Video Editing Software

A great and free screen recording and editing software should be friendly to novice. Check this guide to get the practical video recording & editing software.

You need to use screen recording at work or in life. For example, if you want to watch the meeting content in the later days or share it with people who cannot attend the meeting, recording the meeting content is useful. For another example, game players hope to record exciting game operations and capture exciting game moments while playing games.

In a Meeting Need Recording

Also, after recording the video, the user also hopes to edit the recorded material. However, for most people, simple trimming, cutting and splitting can meet the basic editing needs. However, many professional screen recording and editing tools on the market are too expensive and cumbersome.

To help you solve the trouble of not knowing how to choose a good recording and editing tool, we provide you with basic selection criteria and a free video recording and editing software that meets these criteria: iTop Screen Recorder. Not only that, but we will also teach you how to record screens and edit videos.

How to Choose Best Free Recording and Editing Software

First of all, we are faced with a problem: how to choose screen recording and editing software?

There are so many free video recording and editing software on the market that we are at a loss as to what to do. What is even more frustrating is that it is possible that you have finally chosen to download, but in the process of using recording and editing, there are still some things that do not meet your expectations. So what standards are there to quickly filter out better screen recording and editing software? We have selected the following basic selection criteria for you:

In terms of recording function, you'd better expect the free recording and editing software tool you choose:

  • Ultra-clear picture quality. Support high-quality (4K support) video recording. No one wants to get a vague video after spending most of the day.
  • Record the screen without restriction. The floating window screen recording is convenient and quick. You can freely choose full-screen recording, window recording, and recording videos of various frame sizes. Also, the video recording time should be unlimited.
  • Sound can be recorded. Synchronously record internal audio, easily record game live broadcasts, video calls, and audio-visual synchronization.

In terms of editing functions, you'd better expect that the free video recording and editing software tool you choose is friendly enough for novices, so that novice users can quickly start editing videos and learn video editing at a low cost.

In terms of price, it cannot be too high. And if you just do simple processing of video material without too professional operations, often free software is enough for most of the needs.

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All-Rounded Free Video Recording and Editing Software

iTop Screen Recorder is such a user-friendly screen recording tool. iTop Screen Recorder is not only an easy-to-use screen recorder but also comes with a basic video editor, so you can download and use it even without paying.

Maybe you wondering: What are the characteristics of this free video recording and editing software in use? OK, Here's the thing:

  • HD Video recording. When using it, you don't need to worry about the quality of your recording. iTop Screen Recorder supports clear HD Video recording, ensuring that you can get clear and unobstructed videos and screenshots.
  • Edit after recording. iTop Screen Recorder has a built-in basic video editor, which is easy to operate and allows users to trim, cut, and split the captured video without any obstacles. In addition, thanks to GPU hardware acceleration technology, iTop Screen Recorder editing is efficient and stable.
  • 100% Free. Download it and immediately use the free screen recording function, and use the free video editing function, you need free video recording and editing software.

How to Use Video Recording & Video Editing Software

Next, I will introduce you how to use this free video recording and editing software iTop Screen Recorder for video recording and how to edit after recording. After downloading the software, come and follow us to learn how to run it!

How to Video Recording Step by Step?

After downloading iTop Screen Recorder on the official website, open the software. Here, we only need three steps to quickly complete the screen recording.

Steps to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record

Step1. Set up

According to your needs, select a region to record and adjust other settings like the speaker, Mic, Mouse, Webcam.

Step2. Click to Record

Click the red REC button to start recording. In addition, you can also use shortcut keys according to the tips.

Step3. Stop Recording

Choose the output video format you need, then just edit the video.

How to Video Editing After Video Recording?

After finishing the video recording, you do not need to reopen another new editor to edit the video. You can edit the video directly by using the editor that comes with iTop Screen Recorder. You only need to do the following two steps:

Steps to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Edit

Steps to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Edit

Step 1. Edit Video

You can drag left or right to easily edit the video according to your needs.

Step 2. Save

After editing, click the Save as button to finish editing.


That is all for the free video recording and editing software we introduced for you. Next time, whenever you need to record video clips, meetings, online courses or game highlights on the screen for replay, iTop Screen Recorder will provide you with a one-stop service. In addition, we are not only comprehensive but also professional and user-friendly. Any video recording and editing solutions you previously had, we will strive to do better.

If you think this screen recording tool just meets your needs, do not hesitate to download iTop Screen Recorder and just try it! When you think "I need a screen recorder", iTop screen recorder is your best choice! 

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