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Best Free Voice Recorder for Windows 11/10 [Review & Download]

What is the best free voice recorder for Windows 10 and 11? Free download iTop Screen Recorder to capture any voice/audio on PC with no quality loss.

Why do you need voice recorder software for Windows? The popularity of online meetings and lectures/courses during the pandemic period surges the demand of audio recording that is helpful for taking a quick voice notes with important details. On the other hand, recording voice makes offline enjoyment of podcasts and music workable. Voice recorder is the undoubtedly the right program to save online audios to your device for later using or sharing.

Voice Recorder for Windows

Well, if you are seeking for a powerful voice recorder for Windows 10/11 to capture various audio in high quality on a PC for free, we can give you the best answer.

How to Choose a Free Voice Recorder for Windows

Voice recording software is a common desktop program in the market. What’s more, Microsoft developed Windows Voice Recorder enabling PC users to record audio from microphone or headset. It is a built-in voice recorder for Windows 7/8, and you can get it from Microsoft Store on Windows 10/11. Although it is recognized as the first choice to record audio on PC, its limits - for example, only recording audio in wav on Windows 7/8 and m4a on Windows 10, 3 hours recording limit - and not working/not opening issues lead users to seek for a more solid voice recorder for Windows.

Well, how to choose a good one? Here are some criterion.
Record system audio, external microphone or any other voice playing on PC;
● Record voice in high quality, no latency, no lag;
● Have a straightforward UI for beginners, easy to use;
● Output various audio formats to play on different devices smoothly;
● 100% clean and safe. No ads, bundleware or malware. 

Moreover, the Windows voice recorder software, which can offer some basic editing tools - like trimming or additional functions - like noise reduction, beside above mentioned points, is worth a try.

What is the Best Free Voice Recorder for Windows 11/10/8/7

iTop Screen Recorder is the highly recommended voice recorder for Windows. It is well developed as a screen recorder to capture movements on screen but also shows off the ability to record voice on PC. More than capturing screen video clip with audio, it can record audio only for offline listening and sharing.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Audio Without Background Noise

  • Record system audio or external microphone flawlessly
  • Record streaming audio without quality loss
  • Remove background noise of audio recording
  • Save audio recordings as MP3, AAC, FLAC and WMA

Why is it the best free voice recorder software for Windows and what can it bring to you? Let’s explore one by one.

Selectable Voice Recording Options

iTop Screen Recorder offers there audio recording choices. You can turn on Speaker option for internal audio recording, Mic option to record voices from external device and use two options to capture system sounds and microphone simultaneously. For example, switch on Speaker only to record streaming audios; enable both Speaker and Mic if you are trying to record Zoom meetings or video calls.

High Quality Voice Capture

iTop Screen Recorder shows a great performance of voice recording on Windows. It supports capturing Hi-Fi audio with bitrate up to 320kps. It empowers you to record stereo or mono sound depending on your device. It also builds in a denoiser to remove background noise and mic echo from audio recording. Thanks to low CPU usage, it can perform tasks with no lag even on a low-end PC. You will not experience audio latency issue during recording.

Multiple Output Audio Formats

To ensure that your voice recordings can be played on various devices or uploading to SNS successfully, this best free audio recorder for Windows enables you to output the audio file in various formats, from MP3 with the highest compatibility, high quality AAC to the lossless audio codec, FLAC. You can flexibly choose an output format according to the need.

Easy, Safe and Free

iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder and voice recorder for Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11. It is pretty friendly for beginners without complicated setup. It is a 100% clean program bundling no extra software and malicious stuffs.

iTop Screen Recorder is also the best program to record screen on Windows. You can capture gameplay, online meetings/courses, streaming movies/TV shows etc., in 4K/HD with no effort at all.

How to Use the Best Voice Recorder on Windows 10/11

iTop Screen Recorder is an user-friendly screen and audio recorder for PC. It has a straightforward interface so that everyone can use it without guesswork. In the following, let's get how to achieve the best voice recorder Windows free download and how to record voice on PC with no quality loss.  

Step 1. Download and Install the best free voice recorder software for Windows.

Step 2. Launch iTop Screen Recorder and customize audio settings. 

Go to Settings > Format > Audio. Adjust audio format, bitrate, frequency and channels if needed. Next, click Save. 

How to Use the Best Free Voice Recorder for Windows - Customize Audio Settings

Step 3. Now, you are back to the main interface. 

  • Click Record > Only Audio to achieve audio recording mode. 
  • To record your voice, you should connect a microphone to PC. Then, turn on Mic and select the connected mic or the built-in mic. 
  • Voice changer feature enables you to disguise your voice if you want to hide your identity or spice up your recording.
  • You can also turn on Speaker to record system audio. The feature is useful for capturing streaming audios from Spotify, Apple Music and other music sites while keeping lossless quality.
  • After all is done, click REC button to start recording voice on PC. 

How to Use the Best Free Voice Recorder for Windows - Start Recording

Step 4. After 3-second countdown, a recording progress bar will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen. You can click Pause to temporarily stop the voice recording. If you want to finish the recording, click Done button to stop. 

How to Use the Best Free Voice Recorder for Windows - Pause and Stop Recording

Your voice recording will be automatically listed in Files > Audio after the recording process is finished. From here, you can play, edit and upload the voice recording files at will.

The End

It’s common to use a voice recorder for Windows to capture audios and sounds on your PC. Windows Voice Recorder is a choice but gets a low rating for not working issues and time limits. iTop Screen Recorder is the best alternative to Windows Voice Recorder and the best free audio recorder software for Windows. It can record system audio, external microphone and both sounds flexibly with no time limit. It also can output audio files up to 320kbps bitrate in different formats for playing or sharing hassle-free. Free download the best voice recorder Windows 10/11 to capture high quality voice on PC now.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Audio Without Background Noise

  • Record system audio or external microphone flawlessly
  • Record streaming audio without quality loss
  • Remove background noise of audio recording
  • Save audio recordings as MP3, AAC, FLAC and WMA
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