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3-Steps Guide on Zoom Cloud Recording Download Fast Free 2023 Updated

Are you wondering how to get Zoom Cloud recording and download? Check this passage to know how to record and download Zoom Cloud videos in 3 steps.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, online working has become a long-term, stable form of work, which resulted in the huge success of Zoom directly. Zoom meeting is a fast and convenient way to communicate and work together from a long distance, and the inbuilt Zoom Cloud recording feature made it even easier to handle. Though, there are still questions and confusions about this form of working and meeting. Here in this article, both frequently asked questions about Zoom Cloud recording and recording download problems will be discussed.

Zoom Cloud Recording

If you still find it’s hard to get your Zoom Cloud recording started, a free alternative to Zoom Cloud recording download will be provided as well. Just read and compare carefully, choose your best way out.

How to Start a Zoom Cloud Recording & Get Zoom Cloud Recording Download?

Zoom Cloud recording is automatically enabled for all paid subscribers. Before you start to record your Zoom, here are some conditions you need to meet:

  • Your account should be a Pro, Business, or Enterprise account.
  • You need to be a licensed user.
  • Your Zoom Cloud recording is enabled.
  • Cloud recording settings selected as desired.

In addition to what’s mentioned above, no matter you are recording a Zoom on Windows, Android, or iOS, the operating system should not be less than 3.5. Besides, only hosts and co-hosts can start a Cloud recording. After all those preparations are done, follow the following steps to start a Zoom Cloud recording.  

Step 1: As the host, begin your instant or scheduled meeting.

Step 2: Select Record from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: To begin recording, select Record to the Cloud.

Step 4: Click Pause / Stop Recording or End Meeting to stop recording.

After the meeting, the recording must be processed before it can be seen. When the process is finished, Zoom will send an email to the host's email account. In the email, there will be two links: one for the host and one for the recording manager. The participants will have access to the second link.

What if the conditions are too hard for you to meet? Check the following guide to record Zoom meeting without permission.

How to Get Zoom Cloud Recording Free, Fast & Easily [3-Steps Guide]

As we can see, it’s not easy to get a Zoom Cloud recording downloaded or shared. There are so many conditions and requirements, which takes both your time and money. Then, are there any alternatives or fast solutions to get Zoom Cloud recording?

Yes! There is a fast tool to help get all sorts of videos including Zoom Cloud recording downloaded free. iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen recorder that can help record any area of your screen on Windows for totally free!

iTop Screen Recorder is a multifunctional free screen recorder that’s super easy to use. Check out the following features to know what this fantastic tool can offer:

100% Free: iTop Screen Recorder is a totally free tool for recording and converting files into any form you want. No limitation, no free trial, 100% free.

Record the Screen with Audio: iTop Screen Recorder is a professional screen recorder with audio. Every syllable of the inner background, speaker, and tiny microphone on your headset is captured in its entirety.

Zoom Cloud Recording with Audio

No Lagging While HD Recording: iTop Screen Recorder uses only 8% of the CPU on average, allowing for incredibly seamless recording. Zoom Cloud recording with our 4k screen recorder is like flowing air around you: hardly noticeable but constantly present.

Multiple Output/Convert Formats: This online screen recorder supports more than 12 output types that can be saved and converted to other formats. From your latest iPhone to your grandmother's old MP4 player, it's compatible with any mainstream digital device.

Get Zoom Recording with iTop Screen Recorder in 3 Steps:

Step 1. Download iTop Screen Recorder to your Windows 7/8/10/11.

Step 2. Record what is happening on your Zoom without lagging on the frame.

Recording Zoom Without Zoom Cloud Recording

Step 3. Output the video to any popular format and simply edit your video.

Save and Edit Zoom Recording

FAQs About Zoom Cloud Recording & Zoom Cloud Recording Download

People who are new to Zoom or not familiar with Zoom Cloud recording may get confused about this feature. Here are some frequently asked questions about Zoom Cloud recording that may help you out.

-How to access a recorded Zoom locally?

Open your computer’s documents folder, and search Zoom. Find one named Zoom Meeting, Click on the folder to access recorded Zoom meetings that are listed there, convert the Zoom recordings you selected to the format you want.

- Why Zoom Cloud Recording not Showing Up?

Cloud recordings typically take around 2 times the time they were captured to process, but due to heavier processing demands at that time, it could take up to 24 hours. You may need to wait for the procedure to finish if your Zoom Cloud recording does not appear.

-Is there a time or size limit for Zoom Cloud recording?

As a result of this restriction, ITS is required to keep recordings in the Zoom Cloud for a maximum of 30 days per user. A recording will be marked for deletion after it has reached its 30-day restriction.

As for the storage capacity, the Pro and Business account enjoy 1GB/Licensed User, Zoom room enjoys 1 GB/Zoom Room, 0.5 GB/Licensed User for Education account and for Enterprise, it’s unlimited.


That’s all the information about Zoom Cloud recording and Zoom Cloud recording download. Working online helps kept our social distance as well as our safety. Online office software like the Zoom meeting helped us a lot, though, the Zoom Cloud recording is still not very convenient to use. In this case, if you need to get your Zoom recorded locally, iTop Screen Recorder would be perfect for you. This free screen recorder is so much powerful and easy to use, just have a try now!

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