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How to Access Recorded Zoom Meetings Easily and Fast in 3 Ways?

How to access Zoom recordings? This article shares two direct ways and one effective method to uplevel the experience of recording Zoom meetings and access the recorded Zoom meeting on Zoom.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, people have tried to minimize the need to gather in large crowds, but life goes on and work cannot stop. Since then, Zoom, a leading video conferencing software app, is gradually widely-used. It enables you to interact with your co-workers virtually through cyber no matter where you are in the world. So you discuss important issues and make decisions via the Zoom meetings, and then carry out the work normally.

How to Access Zoom Recordings with 3 Ways

Except that, Zoom supports you to record Zoom meetings with audio to view later. However, How to access zoom recordings has become the biggest problem for users.

This article will show you two ways to access recorded zoom meetings and recommend an alternative to eliminate your worry about recording zoom meetings fundamentally.

How to Access Zoom Recordings Via the Cloud or a Computer?

Generally, Zoom recordings are stored on your computer locally or in the Zoom cloud. The difference is that only the users who purchased the license have the priority to save the recorded Zoom meetings to the cloud. And the local save permission is available to both free users and licensed users when they are using a PC to record Zoom meetings.

Come straight to the light, so how to access Zoom recordings? According to the above info, your recorded Zoom meetings can be found on your computer or in the Zoom cloud.

If you are a paid subscriber, you can go either way to access recordings on Zoom, but if you are a free user, you can only go through the following guide carefully.

How to Access a Recorded Zoom Meeting on a Computer?

Step 1: Open your computer’s documents folder, or Finder if you are using a Mac.

Step 2: Search Zoom; in the documents folder and find one named Zoom Meeting; as well as other information that is related to Zoom;.

How to Access Zoom Recordings

Step 3: Click on the folder to access recorded Zoom meetings that are listed there.

Step 4: Then, you can convert the Zoom recordings you selected to the format you want, such as the MP4 file for video meetings, the MP3 file for audio meetings, or a VTT file for a transcript of the Zoom meeting.

How to Access the Recorded Zoom Meetings

Step 5: Finally, double-click to launch it and review it with a playback program. In addition, you can share it with your colleagues who are absent from the Zoom meetings.

How to Access Zoom Recorded Zoom Meetings Via the Cloud?

Though Zoom supports that Zoom recordings can be saved locally on your computer, the cloud allows you to access the recorded Zoom meetings around the world via a paid account. Even if you don’t have your computer with you, you can easily access Zoom recordings within 3 steps.

Step 1: Log into your Zoom account.

Step 2: Click My Recordings; in the left sidebar.

How to Find the Recorded Zoom Recordings

Step 3: Go to the Cloud Recordings;, and you’ll find the recorded Zoom meetings you saved before.

How to Access the Recorded Zoom Meetings

Notice: There is also a shortcut for you to access the local Zoom recordings without download. Besides, the Cloud Recordings; tab is Local Recordings;.

How to Access Recordings Easily After Recording Zoom Meetings?

After using Zoom, you will truly marvel at its usefulness on not only Zoom meetings, but also the Zoom webinars, team streamlining chat, online teaching classes, telehealth, etc. It helps with all aspects of life with convenient technology. But it is not so professional in recording everything that happens in Zoom. Moreover, it is complicated to access the Zoom recordings.

Therefore, we recommend an expertise screen recorder - iTop Screen Recorder, to help record the Zoom meetings or something else on Zoom. With it, you can easily review the important content in your meetings, online classes, webinars, and so on.

iTop Screen Recorder is an overall tool to enable you to capture a flexible area on your computer and start recording Zoom meetings with audio at one click. It also supports game mode recording to record VR gameplay, webcam recording, scheduled recording, and a lot of highlight features.

  • Easily Access Recordings. Using iTop Screen Recorder, you needn't search on Google how to access Zoom recordings;, because all recorded Zoom meetings can be found in the software app easily. And you can playback it immediately without installing a third-party tool.
  • 100% Free. iTop Screen Recorder is completely free to use no matter whether you log in. Besides, it has no time limitation on a free recording.
  • HD Quality. With this screen recorder for PC, you can record not only Zoom meetings but also gaming kill-moments, Netflix streaming in 4K quality, without fps losing and no lag.
  • No Watermark. It also opens watermark customization permission for you, you can choose to add your unique watermark or no-watermark on your Zoom meeting recordings.
  • Multiple Formats. The screen recorder can help convert your video recordings into 7 formats(MP4/AVI/FLV/MKV/MOV/TS/GIF), and convert your audio recordings into 5 formats(MP3/AAC/AC3/FLAC/WMAV2).

How to Access Recorded Zoom Meetings with iTop Screen Recorder?

Since iTop Screen Recorder can automatically save the Zoom meetings on your computer and insert a shortcut in it, you can easily access the recorded zoom videos. But how to record Zoom meetings and other Zoom videos with iTop Screen Recorder?

The whole process can be finished in 5 simple steps.

Step 1:Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your Windows 7/8/10/11.

Step 2:Set the recording area, speaker, webcam, Mic, and Mouse on the main interface directly, and then go to the Settings; to select the details for the video and audio formats.

How to Access a Recorded Zoom Meeting

Step 3:Click the Start; button or tap F9; to start recording Zoom after a 3-second auto countdown.

How to Access Recordings on Zoom

Step 4:During the recording, you can take screenshots with F11, make graffiti, or suspend the recording with F10; anytime.

Step 5:After you finished the Zoom meeting recording, you can click the Stop; button. And go to the My creations; to access the recorded Zoom meetings. You can right-click a recording to preview, rename, delete and share it to YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox directly. Also, you can click open file location; to access the recordings on your computer in one sec.

How to Access Recorded Meetings on Zoom

The Bottom Line

After going through the above content, you may clearly understand how to access Zoom recordings. If you are using a free Zoom account, you can access the recorded Zoom meetings on your local computer, but if you occupy a paid account, you can access the recordings on Zoom Cloud everywhere via cyber.

However, an available and effective method is to use this online Screen Recorder, which helps record HD Zoom meetings without a time limit for free and leads you to easily find the recorded meetings. Start to record your Zoom videos with no lag at once!

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