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The Free Screen Grabber for Windows You Have to Try in 2022

Need to do a screen grab for windows, but don't know how to? This article introduces a free screen grabber that helps you take screenshots for Windows easily.

Today, screen grabbers play an indispensable role in our life, and taking a screen grab for Windows makes our daily communication more productive. For instance, if you are unable to send or receive emails, your IT colleagues often ask you to take a screengrab so they can quickly identify the problem. Screengrabs also allow you to demonstrate to your colleagues how a particular task should be done, avoiding misunderstanding from lengthy words. No matter what you use screengrabs for, you need a screen grabber to help you capture the content of a computer display and save a copy of the information for later use.

 Screen Grab for Windows

This article introduces a free screen grabber that allows you easily save your important moments on computers. Keep reading, and find out more details on how to grab screen on PC.

Things You May Not Know About Screen Grabbers

A screen grabber is a capturing tool used to capture the contents of a computer monitor. As earlier mentioned, taking a screen grab for windows is pretty helpful in reporting an error message to the IT team and providing guidance on a complicating task for your colleagues. Apart from these aspects, we have also listed some rarely-known circumstances in the following content, where you probably need a free screen grabber to capture a screenshot.

● Grab the chat window

Storing chat conversations is very necessary. People should record all critical information and save it for further reference. In this case, you need a free screen grabber to capture important chat history.

● Grab the meetings

The covid-19 pandemic has made video conference a routine for many people. Grabbing the meetings allows you to keep track of important notes and serve as a reminder to help you follow up on your projects.

● Grab facecams

You might have already noticed a number of video gameplays or video tutorials having a facecam added to build the connection with their audience. However, as an audience, sometimes you might want to grab facecams to capture the vivid reactions and the funny expression of the speakers as well.

● Grab in-game scenes

Grabbing in-game scenes is a hobby within a hobby for many gamers, and it enables you to capture the scene unfolded in a video game and bring it out to the real world to share with your friends.

To sum up, capturing an image of on-screen activity is essential for no matter personal or business use. A quality screen grabber not only takes high-resolution screenshots but also offers you multiple options to document moments. With so many free screen grabbers scattered across markets, iTop Screen Recorder is a free screen grabber for windows that you could trust.

Free Screen Grabber for Gamings

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How to Make Screen Grab for Windows?

iTop Screen Recorder has broken through the technical difficulty of maintaining dynamic and static parallelism. Therefore, the computer processor could take snapshots and record screens simultaneously. With this Screen Recorder, you can enjoy stable performance in capturing clear visibility images. In this section, we will illustrate how to grab screen on pc with iTop Screen Recorder step by step.

How to Screen Grab for Windows Easily?

Step 1. Download and Installation.

Download iTop Screen Recorder and install it.

Step 2. Tweak the Configuration.

Click the Options icon on the right corner of the main interface and hit Settings for configuration. Select the Format tab, and scroll down to Screenshot Settings, where you could choose to save your screenshots in JPG, PNG, and BMP formats.

Set the Picture Format in iTop Screen Recorder

Step 3. Select a Region.

Go back to the main interface and click the down-arrow icon next to Full Screen to select a region you want to take a screen grab for Windows. iTop Screen Recorder supports flexible capture, and you can screenshot any part of your screen with ease. 

Step 4. Screen Grab for Windows.

Press the default hotkey F11 to take a screen grab for Windows. The screenshots could be found under the My Creations folder.

Navigate to the Screenshot Tab to Obtain Your Screengrab

More Stunning Features of This Grabber – Grab Videos and Make Them GIFs

Besides making a screen grab for Windows, iTop Screen Recorder is also applied to multiple occasions such as video conference recording, movie recording, music recording, online course recording, self-made tutorial recording, etc. The versatile screencasting tool supports video outputs in a wide range of formats such as GIFs. In comparison to screenshots, videos convey more information and drive more engagement. Here’s how to record your screen with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download and installation.

Visit the official website of iTop Screen Recorder to download it on your computer. 

Step 2. Tweak the Configuration.

The main menu will pop up after installation. Click the Options button on the upper-right side of the interface and choose settings. Make a necessary change to your configuration.

Step 3. Start Recording.

Go back to the main menu to select a region you want to record. Hit the red Record button. When you are done, click the red square button on the floating bar or press F9 to complete the recording. The recorded videos could be found under the My Creations folder.

Free Screen Grabber: iFun Screen Recorder Step Three

iTop Screen Recorder is a feature-packed screen grabber. However, some people with little recording demand might turn to a built-in application to take a screen grab for Windows. Let’s see how to grab screen on pc with a default screen grabber.

The Simple and Default Screen Grabber for Windows

Using Windows’ built-in screen grabber is probably the simplest way to screenshot on Windows, and it is suited for users of any skill level. Requiring no application installation, the default screen grabber enables people to capture their screen images quickly with the keyboard shortcut only. However, the disadvantages are rather obvious. On the one hand, the method only works on Windows 10/8. On the other hand, it only supports entire-screen and individual-window capture. 

How to Screen Grab for Window with Shortcuts?

Step 1. Open the File.

Open the file/website you want to take shots on your computer. 

Step 2. Screen Grab for Windows.

To capture the entire screen, tap the Windows key and the Print Screen key together. Your screen will go dim briefly while taking a screenshot.

To capture a specific window on your screen, tap the Alt key and the Print Screen key together.

How To Grab Screen On PC with Shortcuts Step Two

Step 3. Check out your screenshots.

Full-screen shots will be automatically saved as a PNG file in the Pictures folder.

Window shots exist in the Clipboard, and you need to paste them out to save the images.


With the help of screen grab for Windows, people could share valuable information and improve communication efficiency. A free screen grabber like iTop Screen recorder not only allows you to capture screen images but also allows you to record screen videos. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to take a trial and download the iTop Screen recorder to enjoy high-quality screenshots and screencasts.

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