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5 Best Apps to Record Video with Teleprompter on Windows, Mac, and Mobile

Are you looking for the best app to record video with teleprompter? Luckily, this blog will show you the 5 best apps to record screen with teleprompter free.

The teleprompter is a valuable tool widely used in various scenarios such as presentations, remote meetings, live speeches, webinars, and more. For many people, remembering a large number of scripts (especially during a video shoot) can be challenging, making a teleprompter an essential aid. So, can you record your screen with the teleprompter? Well, this blog will highlight the 5 best apps to record video with teleprompter on Windows/Mac/Mobile.

Best Apps to Record Video with Teleprompter

Why Should You Record Video with Teleprompter?

Recording videos with a teleprompter is becoming increasingly popular among content creators, presenters, and speakers. Why need to record screen with teleprompter? By providing scripted prompts in real time, teleprompters help people deliver their lines fluidly, maintain eye contact with the camera, and keep their message on point.

Benefits of Video Recording with Teleprompter

Whether you are a content creator, presenter, or speaker, the use of a teleprompter can improve the quality and impact of your video recordings. Some benefits of video recording with teleprompter are as follows:

More Fluent Recording: With the teleprompter, you can read the script while looking straight into the camera for a more natural and engaging delivery.

Concise Content Delivery: By following scripted text, you can ensure that you cover all your points and convey your ideas briefly, reducing the risk of errors or omissions.

Greater Confidence: Using a teleprompter eliminates the need to rely heavily on memory or extensive notetaking, allowing you to deliver content more confidently.

5 Best Apps to Record Video with Teleprompter

Teleprompters are known to assist in improving the accuracy and overall quality of on-camera performances. The following will show you the 5 best apps to record video with teleprompter on Windows, Mac, mobile, and the web.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Video with Teleprompter on Windows 

When it comes to video recording with teleprompter on a Windows PC, iTop Screen Recorder will be the top choice. This screen recorder not only helps you record video with teleprompter smoothly but also allows you to capture HD audio and video easily.

Main Features: 

  • Free to Record Video with Teleprompter: iTop Screen Recorder is a free and easy-to-use screen recorder that can help you record video with the teleprompter at no extra cost and without ads.
  • Teleprompter Scripts on Various Topic: iTop Screen Recorder offers multiple script templates to meet your specific needs. You can use this video capture Windows 10 to record birthday, festival, or anything else.
  • Auto Scroll Teleprompter for Video Recording: With iTop Screen Recorder, you can take an auto-scroll of the script while recording videos, ensuring that you have a synchronized recording experience.
  • HD Video & Audio Recording: iTop Screen Recorder is an HD screen recorder that supports webcam recording of raw, virtual, and blurred backgrounds and helps you screen record with voice in original sound quality.
  • More Built-in Free Features: iTop Screen Recorder offers additional built-in tools such as a screenshot, a video editor, and a compressor to help you edit and manage your recorded videos easily and quickly.

Virtual Teleprompter - Teleprompter Recording on Mac

The Virtual Teleprompter is a teleprompter for video recording that can be used for online meetings and web conference calls. It runs directly on your computer and provides a convenient way to adjust the overlay transparency, scroll speed, font size, color, and other settings.

Record Video with Teleprompter - Virtual Teleprompter

Main Features: 

  • Scroll manually or enable automatic scrolling
  • Adjust transparency settings for optimal visibility
  • Compatible with popular meeting platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc.

Vidnoz Flex - Record Video with Teleprompter Online

Vidnoz Flex is a teleprompter video recorder online that offers a wide range of features to help you with video creation and editing. With Vidnoz Flex, you can easily record video with a teleprompter and import video clips for trimming, resizing, combining, and splitting.

Record Video with Teleprompter - Vidnoz Flex

Main Features: 

  • Letting you easily upload, record, save and share video files
  • Adding compelling explanatory text, polls, subheads and headlines
  • Implementing captivating filters and effects to enhance the visual aesthetics

SpeechWay - Free Teleprompter App for Android

SpeechWay is a brilliant mobile application designed for video bloggers, live broadcast anchors, TV hosts, and other creative people who are often in front of the camera giving speeches. Most importantly, SpeechWay offers a camera teleprompter feature that allows you to record video using the camera while benefiting from teleprompter functionality.

Record Video with Teleprompter - SpeechWay

Main Features: 

  • Using the camera teleprompter feature to record video using the camera
  • Using any Bluetooth controller to control the teleprompter via remote control
  • Unique floating teleprompter widget that can be used during live broadcasts

Video Teleprompter - Teleprompter App for iPhone & iPad 

VideoTeleprompter combines video and teleprompter functionality in one application to help content creators appear confident in front of the camera. In addition, the one-time purchase allows you to keep the premium features forever, which is a great value for video production in the long run.

Record Video with Teleprompter - Video Teleprompter

Main Features: 

  • Green Screen feature easily replace the background of your video
  • Completed videos are saved to your CloudPrompter account for 48 hours
  • The script text is intelligently positioned near the front camera of your device

How to Record Video with Teleprompter in 3 Steps

That's all about the 5 best tested apps to record video with teleprompter, no matter what devices you use, just pick the one you need and have a try! To help you get an easy start with the teleprompter, here is a step-by-step guide on how to record video with teleprompter. Let's take iTop Screen Recorder as an example:

Step 1. Click the download button to get iTop Screen Recorder and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Launch iTop Screen Recorder to its main interface > Click the Teleprompter icon under REC.

How to Record Video with Teleprompter - Choose Teleprompter

Step 3. Select a topic (such as Happy Birthday, Thanksgiving Greeting, etc.) for your recording or edit your personal script > Switch the Auto Scroll option on.

How to Record Video with Teleprompter

This is how to record video with teleprompter in 3 simple steps. With iTop Screen Recorder, you can find an easy way about how to screen record protected videos.

Record Video with Teleprompter FAQs

Does Windows have a teleprompter?

There isn’t a built-in teleprompter on Windows, but Windows offers various teleprompter applications that can be installed and used on the Microsoft Store or other sources.

Does Zoom have a teleprompter?

Zoom does not have a native teleprompter feature, and it primarily focuses on video conferencing, providing features such as screen sharing, chat, and virtual backgrounds. If necessary, you can use iTop Screen Recorder to record video with teleprompter. With this tool, you can also record Zoom meeting with ease.

How do you make a teleprompter video? 

Creating a teleprompter video involves the following simple steps:

  1. Script Preparation: Write or copy your script into a document.
  2. Teleprompter Setup: Set up your teleprompter device or software.
  3. Teleprompter Recording: Start recording while following the teleprompter text on the screen.

Final Words

That’s all about how to record video with teleprompter. Whether you are using a web browser, Mac, mobile device, or Windows, there are options available to record with a teleprompter for free.

iTop Screen Recorder is not only a useful application for Windows but also an online screen recorder. It allows you to easily integrate a teleprompter into your video recording process across various platforms. Why not try it? Download iTop Screen Recorder today and unlock the power of teleprompter-assisted video creation.

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