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How to Record Twitter Video in High-Quality Easily [PC, Mac, iPhone & Android]

Looking for a tool to record Twitter video? Here we'll introduce you to various Twitter video recorders that offer Twitter screen recording with sound easily.

The understated article is about how to record Twitter video. Twitter is a social site used worldwide to share data in the form of pictures and videos. These pictures can be saved, but the videos cannot be downloaded in any manner.
How to screen record on Twitter with sound is a key in the case if you want to share the videos with anyone who is not on Twitter or is unable to access it. Multiple ways to do it are discussed, along with the steps that are to be followed.
Record Twitter Video Efficiently

How to Record Twitter Video on PC

The first and the most viable way to record Twitter video on PC is using a screen recorder. There are many free and well-performing screen recording tools on this planet. For example, iTop Screen Recorder, which is known for its flexible recording, with recording the screen for an unlimited period. You can enjoy a no-lag experience during recording with this powerful Twitter video recorder. With the space of recording the Twitter video in any output format, users can also convert the recorded video in any form.

The iTop Screen Recorder is used widely to record Twitter video. The services provided are 100% free and quality-oriented.

  • 100% Free. The screen recorder provides 100% free screen recording. There is no premium service or any demand for charges to use the app.
  • No Limit of Time. The user can do screen recording for unlimited time as no restrictions are there on recording time. The quality of screen recording is not affected by the time it is being recorded.
  • Easy to Use. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple for the consumers. No difficulty is there to download and use the service to screenshot or record Twitter video.
  • Safe and Private. Safety is the main reason the App Store does not allow external screen recorders to be used. For what iTop is used as it is easily allowed by the App store to use.
  • HD Video Recording. HD video is recorded by the app underuse regardless of the time of recording. The recorder allows you to record 2D/3D games as well.
  • No Watermark. The iTop recorder allows you to record Twitter video without a watermark. No other service allows recording watermark-free content. The recorded content can be easily used anywhere as per the user's choice.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder

How to use the iTop 4K Screen Recorder to record Twitter video in simple ways as described below.
Step 1: Download the iTop Screen Recorder and install it on your device.

Step 2: You need to proceed with selecting the preferences for the recording along with the recording space. Access the “Settings” and set the frame rate, video sizes, and formats for further change in settings.

Set iTop Record Twitter Video Settings

Step 3: Open the Twitter video that you wish to record. Tap on the red circle button to initiate recording. You can also try using the shortcut F9 to start recording of the Twitter video.

You can also use iTop online screen recorder to easily record Twitter video without downloading the application.

How to Record Twitter Video on Mac

QuickTime player is one of the most popular video players and screen recorders. It is widely used to record Twitter video on Mac. Using Quicktime player, Mac users can easily record Twitter video with sound that is their favorite. How to use QuickTime screen recorder is briefly described below.
Step 1: Access the QuickTime app in the Application folder and open it, then click on "File."
Step 2: A dropdown menu will open; select “New Screen Recording” to start recording. Click the red button and then anywhere on the screen to screen record with sound.

Create New Record Twitter Video ProcessStep 3: To stop recording, click on the "Stop" button on the menu bar. The app will automatically open the newly recorded video when the recording is stopped.

Stop Screen Recording Record Twitter Video Process

How to Record Twitter Video on iPhone

As App Store has strict policies with screen recorders to maintain the users' privacy and safety, it’s too hard to find the best screen recorder app for iOS. So, a built-in screen recorder for iPhone is a good option for it. The strictness of the app store makes it difficult to download any screen recorder. You can record Twitter video with the built-in screen recorder with ease. Steps are discussed below in a concise manner.
Step 1: Go to "Settings" and click "Control Centre." Scroll down; there exists "Screen Recording" under “More Controls”. Click on the green icon with the screen recording to add it to the control panel.

Add Screen Recording Record Twitter Video FeatureStep 2: Now, as the screen record is on the control panel, tap on it, and a 3-second timer will appear before starting the recording.

Tap On Record Twitter Video IconStep 3: Tap on the red timer on the top left corner and then click "Stop." The recording will be saved in the album named "Screen Recording" in the Photos app.

Confirm Stop To Stop Record Twitter Video Process

How to Record Twitter Video on Android

The technology is evolving, and built-in screen recorders for android phones are provided. In this case, if a built-in Screen recorder is not provided, multiple apps exist for this purpose. The recommended software for screen recording on Android devices is the built-in option.

Solution 1 - Use Built-in Screen Recorder on Android

Most new phones are provided with built-in screen recorders that work fairly well for some users. Discussed below are the steps for the usage of a standard built-in screen recorder to record Twitter video.
Step 1: Open the device and swipe down for the ‘Quick Settings’ panel.

Access Quick Settings To Record Twitter VideoStep 2: Select screen recorder; if not available, edit the control panel and select the screen recorder to make it visible in the control panel.

Select Recording Icon To Record Twitter VideoStep 3: Select the option for screen recorder. An icon will appear; by clicking that icon, the phone will start the screen recording of your Twitter video. Options to record with voice and without voice exist. Tap this icon again to stop the recording.

Stop Record Twitter Video Recording

Solution 2 - Use AZ Screen Recorder

AZ screen recorder is one of the best video recorder apps available for free usage. It provides an option to take screenshots and to share online screen recordings. Further discussed are the steps to use the AZ screen recorder to record Twitter video.
Step 1: Download and open the AZ recorder. Upon opening, 5 options will be visible. Click on the white icon having a red camera in it.

Step 2: Click on start recording to start the screen recording of your Twitter video. A menu bar will appear under the notification panel.

Initiate Record Twitter Video ProcessStep 3: To finish recording, click on the box icon in the menu bar under the notification panel.

Record Twitter Video Recording


Above in the article are discussed multiple screen recorders and how to screen record on Twitter with sound was mainly addressed in the article. The Twitter video editor and recorder discussed is for multiple users, including PC users, Mac, and Android users.
The positive aspects of using the iTop Screen Recorder app are also listed above. iTop is used widely to record Twitter video. The steps and the procedures for using the app are also briefly discussed as it is recommended to be used by anyone.

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