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Minecraft Screen Record Tricks and the Best Free Screen Recorder to Use

How to screen record and make a hot Minecraft game video? Which screen recorder is proper for recording Minecraft video and how to use it?

Minecraft is a game that could be treasured as a masterpiece of computer game history. From another perspective, it can be enshrined in human history. Not many games could have over 1 billion players played it, participated it’s the community, dig into the game day and night like Minecraft and make great contents like Minecraft record video and became the great hit. The most astonishing part of this game is, Minecraft has incarnated a set of physical laws which achieved in the digital world. Gravity, fluid, electricity, fire, oxygen… all these physical rules in the real world are presented in Minecraft within a “Game way”. By utilizing these mechanics, uncountable ideas & creations can be accomplished in Minecraft by players.

How to Screen Record Mincraft Video

Not only for its edged idea & accessibility, Minecraft itself a great game to play. Mining for diamond, exploring the world, fighting the enders… there are too many things we can enjoy in this game. Benefit from its convenient multiplayer support and the active player community, I’ve spent day and night with 3 of my friends on a private server, built up our castle, fight monsters, create our world. We have grown up, and it always knocks me back to the time I was young. There is a little regret, if I could make a video about our path in Minecraft, at least to screen record the Minecraft game & memorize the fun & engaging journey. How to do Minecraft screen record? Let us go & check it out.

What You Will Need for Recording Minecraft

To record Minecraft game, or capture the Minecraft screen, we will need a screen recorder that working properly, with full capability to cover all functions that we need to record the Minecraft, or its variant version, the Minecraft PE. That will determine our target to seek an appropriate screen recorder that focuses on the game recording. Fullscreen & windowed mode game screen recording must be supported. For the need for real gamers, a better video quality plus manageable options for advanced video settings will apply.

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To record Minecraft game video, to memorize the moment you’ve to spend with your friends, you may like to add your voice to the video. It also benefits if you are a content creator, a suitable screen recorder that supports recording your voice to the video could get better results with less effort. 

Which is The Best Minecraft Free Screen Recorder?

The iTop Screen Recorder

For better recording Minecraft game, consider all functions & capability we need, I would strongly suggest iTop Screen Recorder. Among all kinds of screen recorders on the market, why would I recommend iTop Screen Recorder? Because it is surely occupying the top rank of screen recorders, and it is potentially the finest free screen recorder you can have. 

First, the iTop Screen Recorder offers a full screen that supports all kinds of video capture selection: full-screen capture, windowed mode capture, select capture region. For some annoying situations, like unable to capture full-screen windowed mode games (which generally happens on Xbox Game Bar screen recording, the iTop Screen Recorder could be a better cure.   

The Interface of iTop Screen Recorder

Second, the iTop Screen Recorder allows you to utilize the video by adjusting the video & audio option for your screen recorded video. For one who wanted to make sure their recorded Minecraft videos are exhibited in a proper present, to custom the video output, trim & edit the video could be an important function to adapt. 

Third and the most important: the iTop Screen Recorder is completely free & no function restriction. Unlike many other products which limited the recording time/ watermarking of your video, the iTop Screen Recorder has no function restriction to your screen recording. For me, the free-to-use nature is an attractive point.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Record Minecraft Screen?

Step. 1 Install & Run the iTop Screen Recorder, also enter your Minecraft world.

Step. 2 Depends on if the game running in windowed mode or full-screen mode, switch to iTop Screen Recorder & click the drop-down menu of “Select a region”, choose “Full Screen”. For the full-screen game mode, click “Select the Window” for Minecraft executing in windowed mode, the iTop Screen Recorder will automatically detect the game window.

Setting up Full-windowed or Windowed Recording

Step. 3 Clicking the red “REC” button & start recording. We can turn on/ off the show-off Speaker, Microphone, Mouse & Webcam for recording the Minecraft game video. That function could be very convenient for content/ video creators.

Step. 4 You can stop recoding by click the stop button on the control bar during the task.

Stop Recording Minecraft Video Recording by Clicking Stop

Step. 5 You can manage the video/ audio setting by clicking “Recoding Settings”. The iTop Screen Recorder allows you to set up the video resolution, output format, framerate, and video quality. For audio settings, you can adjust the format & sample rate. Click the folder icon to browse the output file location.

You Can Adjust Parameter in Setting

Step. 6 By clicking “My Creations”, you can manage the recorded videos in the file list. You may play, delete, and edit the video you’ve just recorded. You can trim the video under the edit function.

Manage Your Recorded Minecraft Video in My Creation

What We Could Get from Screen Recording Minecraft Video?

Minecraft is fairly considered one of the most successful videogames which very likely to be recorded in human history. According to Mojang, the developer, Minecraft recently became the bestselling video game of all time, beating out Tetris by moving over 176 million units. Unlike another famous game, Tetris, it hit that number in a single decade. Minecraft is still very popular today as we can see the Minecraft videos & contents still highly visible on YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, and other game communities. If you want your gaming video to be recognized & approbated by the public, screen record Minecraft game video would be a good starting point for you. Or you just want to keep the video to memorize the time you spent on this classic. By then, the iTop Screen Recorder is your best companion that helps you to screen capture & record the Minecraft game video. Ready to begin your Minecraft video? Don’t think twice and let us begin now!

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