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How to Record Lecture Video with Video Recorder [Detailed Explained]

Why do we want to record online lecture videos? And how to record online lecture videos easily? Explain how to record the lecture for learners & lecturers.

Traditional classroom teaching is now facing the challenge of the global pandemic. The public closing & social distancing restricted the public activity. On the other hand, the booming distanced education & online campus is also taking a big part in the education market. For all these circumstances, students/ professors are not able to attend the physical classroom because of the pandemic control or study from home. Both students and professors are facing a similar but different problem. For students, how do they effectuate their study quality without closer communication & interaction with their lecturer as they do before in class? For professors, how to use limited methods and materials to present a better & easy-to-understand online course to the students? For better learning and teaching of online classes, I would strongly recommend using a screen recorder to record a video lecture. Why it's so important? And how do we record a lecture for online study?

How to Record a Lecture Video?

Why Students and Lecturers Need to Record the Lecture Video?

Why students should record the lecture to review?

Is there anyone who has been tortured by algebra & calculus when we are in school? I was bothered when back to my student time, indeed. Study day and night tried to pass the math exam, to get a proper score or better credits in the test, practiced many example questions to enhance our skill. Fortunately, benefit from advanced technology, many online resources & lecture platforms that can assist our studies. Like Coursera, Khan Academy, or Youtube open lectures…Recording lectures on those websites, give us a chance to do the study review anytime we need.

To Record an Online Lecture on Coursera

Online study platforms like Khan Academy, was my favorite site for reviewing math, physic study for homework and tests. They offered very detailed course videos for me to understand the principle behind the formula and the method that can be used to solve the problems. For me, I’d like to record the lectures for further study & understanding. For that, we’d better to have a screen recorder as a productivity tool.

To Record an Online Lecture on Khan Academy

Also, as we know repetition is the mother of knowledge, to review the lesson we’ve learned online is an important part of our study. The best part of Khan Academy is that they have provided a series of study questions, with online blackboard you can write on your draft. Personally, I would like to record the online lecture with my practice question, by doing that I can review my problem resolving ideas anytime.

To Record the Solution of Lecture Question

The knowledge costs. As one of the blooming online services, some of the online education platforms offer advanced, high-end courses which focus on to promote professional working skill & knowledgebase. They’ve locked on their target audiences of high-end population and their course services cost high as well.  

Economic Reason Why You Want to Record Lecture Video

According to a survey, a high-level online course costs you an average of $182.59. Some of the expert lecturers will ask you for a $400 entry fee plus a long-term subscription. In that case, if I am a student, I would like to record a lecture video as a backup for future review since I could not bear the consequence if I lose access to the online lecture material.

Why lecturers should record their class as a video 

Some theories say teaching is ¼ preparation and ¾ theatre. When a teacher demonstrates the concepts and ideas precisely and clearly, the learning will be easier and more effective. A recorded video lecture could exhibit the teaching & solving question more vivid & stright forward. 

It requires lecturers not just to repeat & recite their class materials, or just give the students the class handout. A better organized & interactive online class is performed in the circumstance that the pandemic obstructed people from meeting face to face.

So, to record a lecture video with both slides presentation & teachers voice combined, plus the exhibition of problem-solving steps, is considered a better option for lecturer to prompt the teaching quality.

Also, using the webcam to record your facial expression in the online lecture video could be a good idea to agitate the class atmosphere. And to arouse the excitement of student's study interest, gestures, facial and body language, could be good assist to your teaching.

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Professor Turned on Webcam and Recording Lecture on Mac

How to Record Lecture on PC with Screen Recorder?

As we stated above, recording the audio on PowerPoint to record video lecture is sometimes necessary for both student’s studying & teacher’s teaching. I would recommend iTop Screen Recorder as one of the best free screen recorders that assist you to record the lecture video. Though there are many different screen recorders on the market, I would still suggest iTop Screen Recorder. The reason is simple: A screen Recorder has no watermarking, no function limitation, what you get is what you’ve downloaded. Compare to iTop Screen Recorder, the Bandicam limits you 10 minutes of recording with watermarked video. Movavi sets no time limit but will leave a giant logo in the center of the screen and make the video unwatchable. The Windows 10 built-in screen recorder does not approve recording selected screen area… In summary, iTop Screen Recorder provides complete functionality and less restriction, and it cost-free! For people who want to record the lecture video, to begin with, iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best choices.

Steps to Record the Online Lectures 

Step 1.Download and install iTop Screen Recorder. Run it, you may see the there is a monitor button. Leave it here for a while and we’ll be right back.

Step 2. Find the course you’d like to record it for future reviewing, click the monitor icon and choose “Select a Region”.

Step 3. Put the video content you want to record inside the rectangle, zone selector, then click the red “REC” button, the recording will begin.

Step 4. Click the “Stop button” (red square) anytime you need to stop the recording. You can find & manage your recorded lecture in the “Video List”.

Stop Record the Lecture Video by Click Stop Button

How to record a lecture video with sound for lecturing?

Step 1. Run the iTop Screen Recorder, get your slides & teaching materials prepared.

Step 2. Click “Select region” to record the screen region we need, click the “REC” button to start record. Don’t forget to turn on the microphone recording so that your voice could be recorded at the same time.

Click the Button to Select the Capture Zone

Step 3. You can also use Microsoft Whiteboard to assist your teaching. To show the step to your students and let them understand the idea to resolve the question can be a good point to elevate their skill.

A White Board Can Assist the Lecture Recording

Step 4.  By clicking the “Webcam” icon, the iTop Screen Recorder will activate your webcam and film as well. As we said before, the webcam could be a tunnel for the lecturer to communicate with the learner, it has its own value. You can stop the lecture recording by clicking the red stop button, manage your recorded lecture video in the “Video List”

Click "Webcam" to Activate the Camera

Record the Lecture Video And the Remote Teaching

During the pandemic, there were traveling and meeting restrictions, along with social distancing, were causing trouble to our daily life & communication. That specifically influenced on-campus education. Cutting off the communication between students & teachers will noticeably reduce the interest of the student learning.

Also, we have seen that online study, remote meeting & classes, working from home are becoming more mature and more effective. Their potential has been digging up. For teachers and students, to study recorded online lectures, use video material as the study handout, will become commonplace. That's why we are here to offer the deal & tutorial on how to record online lectures with iTop Screen Recorder, we sincerely hope it works for you.

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