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How to Capture Screen on Windows 10 for Free

Looking for easy and feasible ways on how to capture screen on Windows 10? We collected 3 excellent methods to help capture your screen on Windows 10 PC.

In the information age, there are more effective methods to transmit information. Because we will confront with plenty of information every day, it is one of the efficient methods to take screenshots, which allows us to save and deliver the information more precisely and vividly. So for the most used system of computers, do you know how to capture screen on Windows 10? If you have trouble making it, just read the following page to find the one you prefer to print screen on Windows 10 & others.

How to Take a Screenshot on PC: Basic Built-in Tool

There is an official tool for you to take a screenshot on Windows. Especially if you don't want to download any third-party software, you could try the feasible built-in solution to how to screenshot on PC. Although there are some limits, it can meet your basic needs. Here let me make an introduction to the steps of how to capture screen on windows 10 with it:

Step 1. Click the right bottom of the PC’s interface and open the Control Center.

Step 2. Find and click “Screen snip”.

Take Screenshot on Windows 10

Step 3. Select a region and then the image will be captured directly. Then you could click the picture on the right bottom to edit or save it.

Save Screenshots on Windows 10

As I mentioned above, the built-in tool to take a screenshot on Windows is not the perfect one to use. It limits you to print the screen on the desktop and the file interface. Thus, if you have needs to take screenshots in these interfaces, you'd better try the following software that can meet all your needs.

Capure Screen on Windows with Premium Software [Best Method]

If you are looking for the best capture software for Windows 10, the answer is iTop Screen Recorder, which is published in 2022 by iTop to meet the huge needs and offer convenience for their users. iTop, as one of the latest software, can provide an equally excellent solution to how to take a screenshot on Windows 10. It collected advantages from plenty of capture and recorder software. Here are the main reasons why you should give it a try:

  • Unlimited Free to Use

iTop Screen Recorder allows you the unlimited free experience to capture your screens on Windows 10, instead of just a free trial or others you need to do. You can use it to take any number of screenshots all the time.

  • HD Image with No Watermark

Besides free to use, iTop Screen Recorder can guarantee HD images with no watermark that will be put on the screenshots taken. The captured image can be directly published in public or for some business needs.

  • Basic Photo Editing

After the screenshots are taken, iTop Screen Recorder offers you some functions to edit the pictures. Sometimes, we may want to adjust the region of display or others after capturing. iTop Screen Recorder can be your most feasible tool.

How to Capture Screen on Windows 10 with iTop Screen Recorder?

Step 1. Download iTop Screen Recorder and then install it on your PC.

Step 2. Launch it and make adjustments as you like to prepare for capturing. ( 5 sizes for you ).

Print Screen on Windows 10 - Finished

Step 3. After selecting a region, you can adjust the targeted region by dragging the red dot in the center. Then you just need to click "REC" or click F9 to start recording the screen. And click F11 to print screens while recording. Thus it also allows you to capture the screen while recording easily.


Capture Screen on Windows 10 - Select Region

Step 4. You can find the screenshots after clicking “Video List”. And you can change the storage path of screenshots in the "Recording Settings".

Print Screen on Windows 10 - Finished

Bonus Tip

Taking screenshots improves the effect in our life to deliver information. However, if you need to take plenty of screenshots to show something or prove a point, it will be more convenient to record the screen into a video. For your convenience, iTop Screen Recorder mixes up these 2 functions (capturing and recording). Similarly, the function of recording is unlimited free to use. Besides, iTop Screen Recorder owns more advantages:

  • High-Quality Recording Without Watermark

iTop Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder for PC without watermark, allowing you to record screen up to 4K and 60 FPS. What matters most is no need to pay for it.

  • Multiple Output & Convert Formats

More than 12 output formats are supported to be stored and converted to other formats you want.

  • Take Screenshots While Recording

iTop Screen Recorder breaks through technical barriers between video & audio recording and makes it possible to take screenshots when recording

  • No Lagging While HD Recording

iTop Screen Recorder manages to achieve an average of 8% CPU utilization, making extremely smooth recording possible.

If you own the needs to record the screen, especially when you want to record the live videos, or when you want to save the video limited to be download, iTop Screen Recorder can be your best screen recorder Windows 10.

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows: Office Tool

As a user of Windows, you must own the most famous software for the office, Microsoft Word. It allows us the function to take screenshots on Windows easily. Why I introduce it? It is very convenient for the people who use screenshots for their work on Microsoft Word. Here let me show you how to print screen by Microsoft: 

First, select “Insert” in the word software and find the “Screenshot”. 

Then, click “Screen Clipping” and then capture the targeted interface you opened in advance.

Finally, the screenshots will exist on your word page, you can make some adjustments to it directly.

Sum up

Reading this, you have learned about the 3 feasible ways on how to take a screenshot on Windows 10. Capturing screens makes information deliver more precisely so as to make work more efficient. It is a necessary skill we need to master. If you still have no idea choosing the method to print screens, just try iTop Screen Recorder, your professional screen recorder for all PCs. It owns more functions than other screen capturers.

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