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How to Record YouTube Video on PC with Audio & No Watermark

We have the six best applications to record YouTube video on your computer. Use the iTop Screen Recorder to get the video and audio with no watermark.

YouTube has a lot of videos and there is an increase in YouTube channels after the COVID19 pandemic. In most cases, you can only watch online since downloading is quite hectic if you don’t have a YouTube downloader subscription.

The alternative solution to download the content is to record YouTube video and get a file for offline use. Is that possible? Yes, it is in the 21st century and we have the six best YouTube video recorders for that.

Record YouTube Video

Keep reading to see what the recorders are and how to use them. In the end, you will be able to choose the one that suits your recording needs.

Comparison of Top 6 Screen Recorder to Record YouTube Video on PC

Screen Recorder

Audio Recording



Time Limit


iTop Screen Recorder


No(Can customize)

No lag


Multiple formats available



Watermark for free users



Multiple formats available



Watermark for free users



Multiple formats available






Multiple formats available





24-hour limitation

Multiple formats available

OBS Studio





Multiple formats available

The table above shows an overview of screen recording applications. Based on the analysis, you can see that iTop Screen Recorder gives you the best specifications since there is no lag, you can customize the watermark or get rid of it and there are multiple formats such as MOV, GIF, MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. Downloading the application will give you that and more once you learn what it offers on the main website. Keep reading to learn how to use it and what to expect after the download.

6 YouTube Video Recorders to Record YouTube Video on PC with Audio & No Watermark

The comparison table gives you an idea of what to expect when you use any of the applications above to record YouTube video. The information below will shed light on each of the recorders and the best recommendation if you are searching for how to record YouTube video on PC.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record HD YouTube Video Windows 10

If you want to learn how to record YouTube video Windows 10 with no limitations, here is the iTop Screen Recorder for that. It’s free to use and it works with all the supported Windows operating system versions.

When you acquire the iTop Screen Recorder, there is no limitation as you record and there are ample settings for you to customize the recording as you wish. From changing the save location to applying your favorite shortcuts, it is a well-developed YouTube screen recorder truly designed for the users’ comfort.

Some of the features you will note include:

  • No watermark:iTop Screen Recorder does not include the watermark in your recorded video. Apart from getting rid of it from the settings, you can also customize it to have a personal watermark.

Record with audio: You can record YouTube audio and video using this application. If you would like the audio-only, that is also possible. You only need to click on the audio icon and start recording YouTube music.

  • 1080p video recorder: This free screen recorder will not give you low-quality videos. It’s always 1080p and above and it also uses GPU rendering technology to give you the best output.

No lagging and time limit: As you record, everything goes on smoothly and you don’t get any delays in the recorded video or other tasks as the iTop Screen Recordergets the content. You can record youtube video for as long as you want until you get what you need.

  • Multiple output formats: After recording, you can get the video in MP4, GIF, FLV, and others. In the settings, you can declare your favorite output.

We cannot exhaust the features here since there’s more. That’s why you need to visit the main website to see what else is there as you download the application on your Windows PC.

How to Record Video on PC for YouTube Using iTop Screen Recorder

Step 1:Download the iTop Screen Recorder from the main website. Install and launch to proceed.

Step 2:Use the settings via the three lines on the top right to customize according to your needs. You can also apply some of them to the main window depending on how you want to record the video. Alternatively, you can use the quick launcher to record YouTube videos.

Launch iTop to Record YouTube Video

Step 3: Once you are all set, use the F9 hotkey to start recording or hit the big REC button.

Use iTop Screen Recorder Quick Launcher to Record YouTube Video

Once you are done, click on the Stop button and access the video via My Creations’ or the destination folder.

Access to Recorded YouTube Video on iTop Screen Recorder


Vmaker is another free online screen recorder that you can use to record YouTube video and save them in the cloud space. There are no limitations when you use it to record and you can apply different settings.

Record YouTube Video with Vmaker

There are no watermarks here and you also get a video editor from the application. The quality of yourvideos is 720p and above. If you would like a 4K output, you have to purchase a subscription. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

How to Record YouTube Video on PC Using Vmaker

Step 1:Sign up on the Vmaker website and install the app on your computer.

Step 2:Launch the app and choose how you want to record.

Step 3:If you would like engagements, you can customize the background, apply annotations, and add voiceovers among other settings.

Step 4:Once you finish recording, edit where necessary and share via the cloud space.

Icecream Screen Recorder

Icecream screen recorder is a versatile screen capturing and recording tool that you can use for general recording purposes. That means it’s another suitable solution when you want to record YouTube video.

Record YouTube Video with Icecream Screen Recorder

It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. You can choose the screen size you want to record, apply annotations, and change the video format. More features here include trimming videos, including webcam, and changing the recording speed.

How to Use Icecream Screen Recorder

Step 1:Download and install the application on your device. After that, launch the application and proceed to settings.

Step 2:Apply the settings you need such as destination folder, video format, the hotkeys, etc. After that, proceed to record the video.

Step 3:Click on the Capture Video button to start recording the YouTube video. You can choose the screen size before the recording starts.

Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen recorder will help you record YouTube videos and record Zoom meeting. You can use it offline or online. For the YouTube case, it will be online and you can apply the settings you need for your recording purposes.

Record YouTube Video with Movavi

It works with Windows and Mac environments. The features you get include annotations, scheduling a record, webcam capture, and audio-only recording.

How to Record YouTube Video Using Movavi

Step 1:Download and install the Movavi screen recorder from the main website.

Step 2: Launch the application and apply settings such as how to record and the capture area.

Step 3:After applying the settings, click on the REC button to proceed.

Step 4:Once you finish, use the editing tool to perfect the video and save the file.


Bandicam is a free screen recorder that is compatible with Windows only. You can use it to record YouTube live streaming and save them in your local storage.

Record YouTube Video with Bandicam

It has useful features such as selecting the recording area, annotating on the video as the recording progresses, audio and webcam capture, and more.

How to Use Bandicam to Record YouTube Video Windows 10

Step 1:Download and install Bandicam on your computer.

Step 2:Launch it and proceed to apply settings such as the recording mode and area.

Step 3:Once you apply the settings, hit the REC button on the top right section to begin recording.

Step 4:After recording, save the file on your hard drive and use the editing tool to get rid of the parts you don’t need.

OBS Studio

Lastly, we have the heavy OBS Studio that you can also use to record YouTube video. It requires a high-end computer and it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux environments. This is the app that allows you to set the scenes, utilize the audio mixer, cut out the noises and re-arrange layouts.

OBS Studio to Record YouTube Video

Using OBS Studio requires you to go through a manual and a few tutorials before getting started. The best part is that it has ample settings to help you get a recording to the desired levels.

How to Record YouTube Video Using OBS Studio

Step 1:Download, install and launch OBS Studio from the main website. It’s free since it's open source.

Step 2:Add a scene if the software does not add it automatically via the Scenes box using the + icon.

Step 3:Go to the sources box, click on the plus icon, and choose a display capture. Add a title in the popup window. Another popup will appear and if you have multiple screens, this is where you select the one you would like to capture.

Step 4: Go to the settings and click to see the popup. Select the output and change the destination folder under Recording Path.

Step 5: After applying the settings, click on Start Recording to begin.

The Bottom Line

You now have a clue on what to use based on the six best YouTube video recorders above to record YouTube video on PC with audio and no watermark. The best recommendation here is the iTop Screen Recorder since it’s free and it does not present a learning curve before using it.

Visit the website to see how it works as you click on the download button.

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