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How to Record Internet and Streaming Radio on PC Free

How to record radio on PC? Download the best internet radio recorder to record streaming radio programs/songs with original audio hassle-free.

Internet radio stations offer listeners a chance to access favorite programs, songs and podcasts all over the world. Besides local radio, lots of excellent streaming radio stations can be explored on the internet. Thanks to the diverse of radio services, you can enjoy great shows and music from anywhere. And sometimes, you may want to save desired content offline for later listening or making a collection. If so, it is a good idea to record radio from internet radio stations.

How to Record Radio on PC

In this article, we will give a thorough guide of how to record radio on PC. The solution can perfectly satisfy you whether you want to record internet radio, streaming radio or live radio with lossless quality.

Internet Radio Recorder Helps Record Radio with Ease

Using a radio recording program is the easiest way to record internet radio on PC. In the market, there is lots of screen recorder software that is able to capture streaming contents, both videos and audios included. But which program is worth to try? Here are some points for you.

● Record High Quality Audio. Audio quality is the big concern when you try to capture shows or songs from a streaming radio station. It goes to a failure if noises are fill with the radio recording file.
● Record Radio with no Time Limit. Averagely, a program in radio station will last 40-60 minutes. You’d better pick an internet radio recorder with no time limit to save whole radio program.
● Output Radio Recording in a Playable Format. MP3 is the most compatible audio format with almost all devices. A MP3 recorder is a good choice to record streaming radio for smooth playback. Also, some programs can output more formats - like FLAC, the lossless audio format - to meet advanced requirements.

The Best Software to Record Radio - iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is the most recommend program in the market to record radio on PC for free. It is originally designed as a professional free screen recorder to capture every movement on desktop and continuously improved to support more recording features, from webcam recording to streaming video/audio recording. How does it work perfect to record internet radio? Let’s check.

iTop Screen Recorder - Record Audio Without Background Noise

  • Record system audio or external microphone flawlessly
  • Record streaming audio without quality loss
  • Remove background noise of audio recording
  • Save audio recordings as MP3, AAC, FLAC and WMA

iTop Screen Recorder utilizes audio recording mode to rip audio from internet radio stations. There are 3 options to capture audios. You can record internal audio, for example streaming audio, and external audio from microphones, as well as capture system speaker and microphone voices at the same time. When you try to record radio, turn on speaker only to grab the sound of a playing program or song on the web and save it offline.

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to customize audio settings. It offers an array of output formats, from mainstream MP3, AAC to lossless format FLAC. Also, you can adjust bit rate, frequency and channels for a better playback effect on different devices. Denoiser is the highlight to record streaming radio. It can greatly decrease even eliminate background noise from the recording file. You can record radio without quality loss using it.

iTop Screen Recorder gives no restriction to record internet radio. It enables you to rip programs, songs, podcasts as long as possible. You can also trim the radio recording to get rid of unwanted or unnecessary part. 

How to Record Radio on PC Without Quality Loss

iTop Screen Recorder features a straightforward interface so that it is pretty friendly for beginners. Now, let’s learn how to record internet/streaming radio on PC using it step by step.

Step 1. Download and Install

iTop Screen Recorder is fully compatible screen recorder for Windows 10, 8, and the latest 11. Just simply download and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Customize Presets

Launch this internet radio recorder and move to audio recording mode. In order to get better quality, you’d better only turn on speaker and turn off microphone if you have connected one.

How to Record Radio on PC with iTop Screen Recorder - Audio Recording Mode

Click on the three lines on the top right corner of the interface and select Settings. Click on Format and scroll down to Audio options. You can select formats, adjust bit rate, frequency and channels according to your needs. After all is done, click Save.

How to Record Radio on PC with iTop Screen Recorder - Customize Audio Setting

Step 3. Start and Stop Recording

Click the red REC button to start recording. After 3-second countdown, a control bar appears on your screen to start recording radio. Click Done button or press F9 to stop recording at any time you want. 

How to Record Radio on PC with iTop Screen Recorder - Stop Recording

The finished radio recording file will be automatically listed in the audio panel of My Creations. You can click the pen icon to trim it and click the dots icon to denoise to improve audio quality, directly upload it to YouTube, Instagram, Dropbox etc. 

How to Record Radio on PC with iTop Screen Recorder - Edit

iTop Screen Recorder unboxes powers on audio and video recording as well. It empowers you to record Zoom meeting or other online meetings without permission, capture video calls, streaming music/movies and more.

Bonus: Best Places to Record Internet Radio


iHeartRadio is largest radio streaming platform in the United States. It not only collects number of live radio stations of all cities in USA and Mexico, but give you an access to special podcasts and artist radio. You can personalize music station and create playlists. Your Library is the place driving you to quickly get followed stations and podcast. 


Pandora was originally debuted as an internet radio service and now become one of the most popular music streaming platforms. You can search and play radio stations, podcasts and songs free at any time. It also list top stations in different genres from country music, R&B to rock, hiphop. You can browse any genre and listen to music randomly. 


Spotify is another awesome music provider that gathers over 82 million songs and podcasts as well as attracts over 422 million monthly active users. It launches Spotify Radio feature enables you to save Artist Radio, Album Radio or Song Radio into your library. Besides, you can create a own radio stations to share brilliant music to others.


How to record radio on PC? iTop Screen Recorder can make it easy. It is tested as an easy-to-use internet radio recorder for Windows. It provides the audio recording mode to help you rip programs, podcasts and song from online radio stations with high quality. The built-in denoise can remove background noise to further enhance the audio. It is an all-in-one screen recorder to capture streaming videos, gameplay and so on. Try it to save your favorite online radio station free now.

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