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Time-Travel Your TV: How to Schedule Recordings on YouTube TV (2024)

Sports fan? Binge-watcher? This guide covers it all! Learn how to schedule recordings on YouTube TV and customize your TV life.

Ever dreamt of conquering television without missing a beat? YouTube TV's cloud DVR is a dream come true, letting you record a universe of shows and movies. But what if you crave more control? What if you want to record that crucial game or binge-worthy series on your own terms, free from the tyranny of live schedules?

How to Schedule Recordings on YouTube TV

Say hello to your time-traveling TV savior: this guide unlocks the hidden power of scheduled recordings on YouTube TV! Yes, you read that right. While YouTube TV doesn't offer official scheduling, we'll crack the code and unveil clever workarounds that give you complete command over how to schedule recordings on YouTube TV.

How to Schedule Recordings on YouTube TV

While YouTube TV's native recording system lacks official scheduling, fear not! iTop Screen Recorder steps in as your ultimate scheduling superpower. This powerful software lets you record anything, anytime, including YouTube TV live streams, and even schedule recordings in advance.

Ready to take control? Here's how to schedule recordings on YouTube TV with iTop Screen Recorder in just 3 simple steps:

Step 1: Download and Install

Grab your free copy of iTop Screen Recorder for Windows and install it on your PC. Screen recorder Windows 10 though, It's lightweight and compatible with all popular Windows versions.

Step 2: Tap the Scheduler

Launch iTop and choose the "Task Scheduler" option.

Activate Schedule Recordings on YouTube TV

Step 3: Schedule Your Recording

Here, you can add your plan and set the exact date, time, and duration for your recording.

Set Schedule Recordings on YouTube TV

Step 4: Select Capture Area and Hit Record

Choose the "Record Screen" option and specify the capture area (YouTube TV window, full screen, or custom region). Hit "REC" and enjoy your newfound freedom! iTop silently records in the background, even while you browse the web or work on other tasks.

Customize YouTube TV Recording Area

The Main Features of iTop Screen Recorder

Beyond mastering YouTube TV, iTop is a recording powerhouse:

  • 4K Ultra HD Video Recorder: As an HD screen recorder, it is able to capture stunning detail for crystal-clear recordings.
  • Unlimited Screen Recorder: No time limits, no size restrictions. Record anything, as long as you want.
  • Schedule Recordings: Take control of your TV life with automated recording schedules.
  • Record Copyrighted Videos (for personal use): Capture protected content from streaming platforms like YouTube or Netflix.
  • Record Zoom Meetings Without Permission: Discreetly record zoom meeting, even without the host's permission.
  • Convenient Video Edit Available: Trim, cut, add annotations, and edit your recordings directly within iTop.

This is just the beginning! Explore iTop's full feature set and unleash your inner recording mastermind.

How to Delete Scheduled Recordings on YouTube TV

While screen recorder simplifies scheduling and managing your recordings, YouTube TV itself also provides options for deleting those you no longer need. Here's how to tidy up your library directly within the app:

Step 1: Navigate to Your Library

●Launch the YouTube TV app on your device.

●Locate and tap the "Library" tab, where all your recorded shows and movies reside. 

Library Tab in YouTube TV

Step 2: Find the Recording to Delete

Within your Library, scroll through the list of recordings until you find the one you wish to remove.

Step 3: Remove It

Click or tap the three dots menu icon located next to the recording you want to delete.

From the options that appear, untick the Added to library option. This will permanently delete the recording from your YouTube TV library. 

Menu Options Next to a Recording in YouTube TV App

But what if you could streamline this process even further?

iTop's "Files" tab offers a convenient hub for all your screen recordings, including those from YouTube TV.

Preview, sort, delete, and even convert formats—all in one centralized location.

Manage your recordings effortlessly, without navigating multiple apps or menus.

Beyond YouTube TV, iTop Expands Your Recording Horizons:

iTop Screen Recorder isn't just for YouTube TV mastery. It packs a versatile toolkit for various recording needs, including:

  1. Video Compression: Shrink your recordings without compromising quality, saving precious storage space.
  2. Teleprompter: Read scripts seamlessly while recording, perfect for polished vlogs or presentations.
  3. Webcam Recording: Capture yourself alongside your screen recordings for engaging tutorials or reactions.

YouTube TV Recording FAQs

1. Can you schedule recordings on YouTube TV?

Officially, no. YouTube TV doesn't have a built-in function for scheduling recordings. However, you have two clever workarounds:

iTop Screen Recorder: This free software lets you schedule recordings in advance for anything, including YouTube TV live streams. Set the date, time, and duration, and record live TV on YouTube TV silently in the background.

YouTube TV's "Smart Add to Library": Adding shows or sports teams to your library automatically captures all future airings. It's not traditional scheduling, but it sets a recurring schedule for your favorites.

2. Does YouTube TV have a schedule?

Yes, YouTube TV displays the schedule of available channels and programs. However, you can't directly use this schedule to set up automatic recordings.

3. Does YouTube TV automatically record?

No, YouTube TV doesn't automatically record anything unless you tell it to. You need to either schedule recordings using one of the above methods or manually add shows or teams to your library to capture their airings.

YouTube TV retains recordings for 9 months, so you have plenty of time to catch up on anything you miss!

The Bottom Line

Stop living by the live schedule! Learn how to schedule recordings on YouTube TV, take control of your TV experience with iTop Screen Recorder. Schedule recordings effortlessly, manage them with ease, and unlock a world of recording possibilities. Download the iTop Screen Recorder today and conquer your TV world!

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