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[Simple Ways] How to Create a Training Video?

Need to create a video for training? Find simple ways to create a training video with the support of screen recording software to improve employees' skills efficiently.

A training video is extremely beneficial for businesses to have such videos for training new employees. Those training videos can cut down the labor cost and time by a lot because they are universal, consistent, and can be accessed at any time and any place. In addition, high-quality training videos are more effective than text explanations, guides or instructions because they are more intuitive and explicit.

How to create a training video can be a challenge for beginners who haven't made any training videos before. In this article, we will share the simple ways to help you create a great and professional-level training video.

How to Create a Training Video

Steps to Record Screen for Training Videos Effectively

Fortunately, making a training video is not as demanding and complicated as you expected, but it does need some preparations and a good plan before your start making one. We will explain how to make a training video in detail.

1. Before-hand shooting devices preparations

Before you start to create a training video, you need to buy or rent some basic equipment. You don't have to get the equipment that professionals use. Just need to do some homework on some basic gear that works for you and falls within the budget. It doesn't take great equipment to make great training videos though.

We list basic equipment and software you will need for making an instructional training video:

  • Lights
  • Tripod
  • Microphone/Clip-on microphone
  • Camera (recommended)/Smartphone
  • Screen recording software
  • Video editing software
  • Video animation software

Alongside downloading and installing the software, you are supposed to learn how to use the software ahead of time. It will be very helpful in later video making. Otherwise, you will spend a lot more time putting all the video footage and audio clips together. If you are going to record a scene, set up a space for it with a clean backdrop. If you need other colleagues to help you, coordinate a schedule for all participants. 

2. Know your audience

After having the basic equipment and software, should you start to make a training video immediately? Definitely NO. Getting to know your audience and understanding what they need is vital for training videos. Without drilling down the purpose of a training video, the video may not be as effective as you have expected it to be. 

As a training video for the workplace, it can be an explainer video explaining the regulation, service, or products of a company. Or it can be a tutorial video demonstrating a process of how to use a piece of hardware/software or solve a specific problem. 

There is a question list you should ask yourself to better assist you with the recording plan:

  • Do you know who your audience is?
  • Do you know what the learning objective is?
  • How long the video will be?
  • What is your topic?
  • How do you want the training video to be recorded?

You can also consult your manager or colleagues for ideas and advice about their expectations about this training video and then make a list with the answers to the questions above. Those will help you create a video that is informative, purpose-oriented, and interesting. 

3.  Write a script

After answering the questions aforementioned, you should have a somewhat complete idea about how to create a training video. Instead of setting up a camera and pressing down the recording button, it is advised that you write a script to outline what should be included in a training video first.

Write A Script Before Creating A Training Video

Some people may even make quick sketches to show what will be happening in the video, but it is not mandatory because creating a storyboard is time-consuming and many people are not good at drawing. 

If you are a first-timer who never makes a video before, writing a script can be challenging. 

  • Here we provide some tips for you to get started.
  • Find a simple video script template online and print it out.
  • Fill in the template using simple language.
  • Write down the voiceover as detailed as possible explaining what you are doing and why you are doing it.
  • Let other people read through your script and give you feedback.
  • Review the script to see if any steps or scenes are missing.
  • Practice a few times before recording. 

With your script in hand, it is time to record the video and audio for making a training video.

4. Record your voice over and your screen

Some people prefer to record the voice-over and screen separately and then edit them together later, while other people can do both at the same time to reduce the effort of editing. Either way, you will need the support of a powerful screen recorder that can help you in both cases.

iTop Screen Recorder is a professional-level screen recorder that can record high-quality videos on your screen. It allows users to customize the screen for recording, which makes a training video more concise. It supports recording audio both from a microphone or a speaker. A wide range of output formats is available, which gives convenience for later editing on other video editors or uploading the training video to video channels. This software also has a Facecam function. It doesn't leave a watermark on exported videos and doesn't have a time limit on video length.

The software is so user-friendly that requires a short learning curve that video-making rookies know how to create a training video with it.

How to record your screen for training videos:

Step 1:  Free download, install, and launch iTop Screen Recorder on your PC running Windows 10/8/7.

Step 2: Click on the down arrow beside the "Full Screen" to select a recording option. If you want to make a training video with audio, turn on "Speaker" or "Mic".

Step 3: Click the big red "REC" button to start recording and stop recording using the same button.

Step 4: Select a path to save the recording and uncheck "Add watermark to video". 

Step 5: Click on the "Save" button to save.

How to Create a Training Video with iTop Screen Recorder

All recordings can be found in the "My Creations" folder.

5. Edit the video

To make a complete training video, you need to cut, trim, or add captions to the video and audio clips. iTop Screen Recorder comes with a light video editor. If you want to level the video up, you will need professional-grade video editing software and video animation software. It takes extra effort to know how to create a training video with them. 


Today, businesses increasingly prefer to educate and train their employees with videos rather than written documents, because videos are more visually engaging and influential. Hopefully, this guide gives you a kick-off on how to create a training video of your workplace. An easy-to-use screen recorder like iTop Screen Recorder is a great helping hand for recording your screen and your voice-over. Download iTop Screen Recorder today to start making an interesting and clear training video.

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