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One-stop solution to record screen online free with audio & facecam, no download.



Systme Audio


Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration is the process to utilize GPUs for increasing the efficiency of computing tasks. With hardware acceleration, you can get faster and smoother screen recording on computer.

Supported Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Opera

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iTop Online Screen Recorder will add a default watermark on your recording.

Sorry, we don not support mobile OS right now. Please use online screen recorder on PC/Mac. You can also download iTop Screen Recorder to unblock advanced features.

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How to Use iTop Online Screen Recorder

Select recording
mode. Click Start Recording.

Allow your browser to access webcam or
microphone. Select recording area and click Share
to record screen with your face or your voice.

Click Stop button to stop recording. Download your recording to local disk.

iTop Online Screen Recorder Features

Start to record screen online free with multiple modes.

Screen Recording

Capture any activities on your desktop screen and browser. Record meetings, lectures, video tutorials etc., online free with no hassle.

Audio Recording

Capture sounds from system/browser and microphone. Record screen with audio (internal/external) with no quality loss.

Webcam Recording

Capture webcam to record screen and yourself simultaneously. Create presentation, gameplay, reaction videos with facecam recording.

Why Do You Need A Screen Recorder Online

100% Free to Record Screen and Audio from Streaming Media

It would be such torture if you want to play music via streaming media but only to find you are unable to connect network. An online screen recorder with audio recording would be a fast and easy solution for you to save the music files. When you find preferred music, the screen recorder online can help you record sound and the screen, and then it won't be a problem no matter whether you have Internet access or not.

Online Screen Recorder Free for Tutorials and Meetings

Online teaching and meeting are the newest and most popular forms of distance communication today. Free Online Screen Recorder with audio would be the perfect tool to help you establish the connection. Teachers can record tutorials for teaching. Similarly, meeting participants can record a meeting for later review.

Make Your Presentation Video More Attractive

An online screen recorder for PC is a must-to-have tool when it comes to creating video demonstrations. Whether it is a product demo or a video resume, it will be much easier to understand in an intuitive way. A simple and free online screen recorder can capture any screen activities and record highlights as needed.

Choose the Version Online Desktop

What If An Online Screen Recorder is Not Enough for You

Online Screen Recorder for PC simplifies screen recording tasks no need to download or install. You can activate the screen recording process online with a few clicks and then save the video locally. However, the screen recorder online has its limits on time, editing, and formats of savings. If you want to create longer HD video recordings with various formats, iTop Screen Recorder - the
screen recorder for desktop - can be your best choice. Online Screen Recorder vs. iTop Screen Recorder, which one is better? Check the comparison list and decide!

One-stop solution to record screen online free with audio & facecam, no download.

Online Screen Recorder

Record full screen, window & browser tab

Record screen online free within 5 mins

Save screen recording to WebM ONLY

Save screen recording in 720p, no size or quality customization

No editing option

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iTop Screen Recorder

Record any area of your screen, part of screen, full screen, or selected region

Record screen with no time limit

Save screen recording to MP4, AVI, MOV, MP3 and more video/audio formats

Save screen recording in 720p, 1080p, 4K, 60fps with no quality loss

Build in a video editor to enhance your recording easily and quickly

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FAQs About Online Screen Recorder

Is it a free online screen recorder?

Yes, it is a fully free screen recorder online. Get started with it to record your screen with no cost.

Is it safe to use this screen recorder online?

Yes, it is a 100% safe and clean online screen recorder, no virus, no malware. Your recordings will never be shared and used by anyone except yourself.

Does this online screen recorder need to install any software or plugins?

Absolutely NO. It’s a screen recorder online free, so you record screen online with no need to download any software or plugins.

Can I record screen on Mac, Chromebook with this screen recorder online?

Yes. It is a web-based screen recorder. You can use it through Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari on PCs, Macs and Chromebook easily.

Can I record screen with audio and webcam?

Yes. This online screen recorder offers several recording options. You can simply choose to record screen with system audio, microphone and webcam. Also, you can use iTop online video recorder to capture video from webcam only.

Can I select recording region with this online screen recorder?

It enables you to record full screen, a window of any programs on desktop and browser tab. But if you want to record part of screen or randomly select a recording region, you need to download the desktop version.

Can I record screen with no watermark?

Online screen recorder will automatically add a watermark to your recording. But, you can get iTop Screen Recorder Pro to remove watermark or customize your own watermark.

Record Screen with Hardware Acceleration

Download the desktop screen recorder - iTop Screen Recorder
to enable hardware acceleration of NVIDIA, AMD, Intel to record screen & edit video with no lagging.

Functionality of iTop Screen Recorder PRO

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Record Screen Without Watermark

Download the desktop screen recorder - iTop Screen Recorder Pro - to
record screen with no watermark or customize own watermark on your recording.

Functionality of iTop Screen Recorder PRO

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iTop Screen Recorder

Download iTop Screen Recorder to Start Recording & Editing

Free Download For Windows 11/10/8/7