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Skype Record Call on Mac, iPhone, Laptop & Android Devices – Explicit Guide

Skype record call is essential for everyone, and this article gives an explicit guide on how to record Skype video call on laptop or mobile with ease.

Staying in touch with families, friends, or business partners over video calls is already part of our life and the Covid-19 pandemic has made this situation even more common. As one of the most comprehensive communication tools worldwide, Skype has received a massive increase in usage during the government-mandated lockdowns, and the number of daily active users has reached 40 million in March 2020. 

The video-calling application helps us connect with the world, but sometimes we might need to Skype record calls for personal or professional purposes. For instance, recording Skype video calls allows us to preserve the memorable moments with our family or capture critical information of a business meeting for possible disputes in the future. Here is a detailed tutorial that teaches you how to record Skype video calls on laptop and mobile devices. 

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How to Record Skype Call on Mac & PC

In the first part, we will discuss how to record Skype calls on Mac and PC with Skype’s built-in recording tool and a free alternative - iTop Screen Recorder. 

Built-in Recording Tools

In 2018, Skype introduced video call recording in its latest version, allowing people to use the built-in recording tool to capture, save, and share special moments with the click of a mouse. In the beginning, the functionality was available on most platforms except for Windows 10. Today, Skype has renovated the built-in recording utility so that both Windows and Mac users could record Skype-to-Skype calls with ease. Let’s illustrate the recording process step by step.

Step 1. Make a Skype Video Call

Skype enables people to share documents or media, make voice or video calls, and send instant messages on its platform. To start a Skype video call, go to the Contact tab and click on the contact you want to call. A conversation interface (call window) will pop up, where you could see a Video Camera icon to make your call. 

Step 2. Start a Skype Record Call

Now you could record a Skype video call on your Mac or PC. At the button of the screen, you will see an ellipsis icon. Click it to expand the menu, and tap the Start Recording to begin a recording. If it is your first time recording a video call on Skype, you will be asked to permit to access your computer’s camera. Choose Allow to continue. Once you start the recording, everyone in the video call would receive a recording notification, which is privacy protection to avoid legal snags.

Step 3. Stop a Skype Record Call

During the recording, Skype will record everything that happens on the screen. If you or any of the attendees share the desktop screen, it will be recorded in the video as well. To complete the recording, click the red Stop Recording button at the upper left side of your screen, or you could simply achieve this by ending the call or leaving the group call room. 

Step 4. Save a Skype Record Call

Once you stop a Skype call recording, it will be available in your text chat section for 30 days. You could save the recording any time before it is expired. To save a Skype video call recording, click the More Options tab to expand the menu, where you could see the Save to Download option. Select it, and the recording will be automatically saved in your download folder in MP4 format. 

Step 5. Share a Skype Record Call

Share a Skype call recording directly with your Skype contacts is also possible. Hit the More Options tab, then click Forward to send the recorded video to the contact you wish to share.

Skype Record Call with Skype's in-built Recorder

Free and Limitless Skype Call Recorder – iTop Screen Recorder

Another workable way to record Skype video call is to use iTop Screen Recorder. It is a comprehensive yet easy-to-use software designed especially for Windows users. Most importantly, it is 100% free without costing you a single penny. Follow the steps below, and get started with a video conference recording right now:

Step 1. Download, installation, and Configuration 

Download this free Screen Recorder for PC at the official website and double-click to install the application on your Windows PC. Configure the recording setting according to your preference. Tick the relevant box respectively if you want to record speaker, microphone, mouse actions, and webcam. 

Step 2. Make a Skype Video Call and Start Recording

Make a Skype video call, and then choose the recording region according to your Skype video screen. After the selection, click the red REC button to start recording. 

Step 3. Stop and Save a Skype Video Call Recording

Click the Done button to stop the Skype call recording. iTop Screen Recorder supports high-quality (4K) video recording, and you could choose to output the recorded videos in MP4, AVI, MKV, MOV, FLV, etc. 

Step 4. Edit and Share a Skype Video Call Recording

iTop Screen Recorder has a built-in video editing tool that allows users to trim, cut, and split the recorded Skype videos. Meanwhile, people could share their videos immediately on various platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.

Skype Record Call with iTop Screen Recorder

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How to Record Skype Video Call on iPhone & Android Devices

Using Skype’s in-built tool to record Skype video call on mobile devices is very similar to the one on laptops. To do that, proceed as follows:

Step 1. Make a Skype Video Call

Run the Skype application on your Android or iOS devices, and make a Skype video call to continue.

Step 2. Record a Skype Video Call 

Now you are on the Skype video call interface, where you could find an ellipsis icon for more options. Hit that icon to expand the menu, and select the red record button to begin the recording. A banner will appear on the top of the screen showing the elapsed time. It also acts as an alert to remind everyone in the call that they are being recorded. 

Step 3. End a Skype Video Call Recording

The simplest way to end the Skype video call is to leave the video call room directly. Alternatively, you could tap the Stop Recording icon on the top-left side of your phone screen or hit the ellipsis icon again to select the Stop Recording icon. The Skype video recording will be posted immediately in the conversation window. Since call recording in Skype is cloud-based, you must download it within 30 days before expiration.  

Step 4. Save and Share a Skype Video Call Recording 

Tap and hold on to the recording posted in the chat room, and a menu will pop up providing a few options such as Save, Forward, Add bookmark, Select Messages, and Remove. To save a Skype recording, touch Save, and the recording will be saved to your device's camera roll. To share a Skype recording, touch Forward, and the recording will be shared with other contacts in your Skype list. 

How to Record Skype Call on Mobile

The End

Using Skype’s in-built tool to Skype record call is fast and simple. However, it has many restrictions as well. For instance, the mono recording doesn’t support video and audio separation, which means you must extract audio tracks from video tracks manually with an audio extractor. Additionally, Skype’s in-built tool only provides a single output format (MP4), and it has no video editing feature. Therefore, if you need more than basic recording features, it is highly recommended to download iTop Screen Recorder for a professional Skype call recording experience. 

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