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10 Best Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark Free Download

The article recommends the 10 best free screen recorder for PC without watermark free download and how to use these free screen recorder without watermark.

With the media industry advancing with leaps and bounds, the competition among different services for effective screen recording extends fiercely. This led to quality-uneven screen recorders originating in the market. In particular, some screen recorders will add watermarks to your recorded videos automatically, which leaves an unprofessional impression for those who need to be used in public. In addition to this, they do not even protect you from piracy.

Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark for PC

Therefore, it is important to have knowledge of free screen recorder for PC no watermark that exists there. Luckily, this article offers a full review on the 10 best screen recorder for PC without watermark for your convenience. And you can learn them overall from a functionality comparison table.

[Recommend] iTop Screen Recorder- Best Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark

As you have come to know how watermark affects your screen recording, this part of the article sets the stage for iTop Screen Recorder, which is considered the best screen recorder for PC without watermark. iTop Screen Recorder ensures that users can set up their screen recordings with or without the watermark, as per their will. They can also customize their watermarks at their discretion!

With a flexible screen capture according to the user's will and Facecam recording, iTop Screen Recorder has completely covered its basis. Now, check key features of this free screen recorder for PC without watermark.

  • No Watermark & Customized WatermarkSome screen recorders can even let you record for free, but will automatically add a watermark. While, iTop Screen Recorder is a screen recorder for pc no watermark and users can keep their videos without a watermark for simplicity and beauty. More, it allows its users to add personally-designed watermarks to their videos, and they can customize it per their will, which makes their videos look unique.
  • Flexible Screen Capture. This viable feature of the iTop screen recorder without watermark PC provides the user the liberty to capture the screen from an entire display to a small dialogue box. So, you can record part of screen, a program window, or a browser tab as you need. 
  • HD Recording No Lag. With an average CPU utilization, extremely smooth screen recording is ensured. Along with this, you can record 1080p 60fps videos or even 4K videos without lagging.
  • Record Screen with Audio. This screen recorder for PC without watermark offers complete audio recording starting from the inside background, speaker, and tiny microphone in the headset.
  • Easy Video Editing. iTop Screen Recorder launches a video editor that helps you to enhance your recordings. You can cut unwanted parts off the recording; split one clip into multiple segments, or add special effects, text or music to the video. 
  • Totally Free & Privacy Security. With 100% free usage and beginner-friendly software, the videos are safe and secure. Users can effectively enjoy all the features of the tool without paying up any money. Along with that, they can assure protection of their data and device from malware and illegal access. You can flawlessly record screen on Windows 10 and other versions without watermark.

How to use iTop Screen Recorder to capture video on PC? Follow the steps.

Step 1: Free download and install this best screen recorder for PC without watermark on your computer. 

Step 2: Launch the tool and open the window that you want to screen record. It is up to you to select either full, half, or a specific area of the window for recording.

iTop Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Step 3: Customize the microphone, speaker, and camera settings according to your wish. The different settings can also be altered if you want to change the graphic and audio quality of the video.

Customize iTop Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Step 4: Now, simply tap on the "REC" button and initiate the process. The user can make use of "Pause" and "Stop" to control the screen recording. Preview the video through the "My Creations" tab.

Access iTop Screen Recorder Without Watermark Recording

OBS Studio - Safe Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark 

As we have discussed the iTop screen recorder for PC without watermark in detail, then let’s come to another alternative choice. In the race for a safe and free screen recorder no watermark, OBS Studio can be a good option for screen recording.

OBS Screen Recorder Without Watermark Interface

As a free, open-source tool, the user can record Zoom Meeting, video calls, presentations, games, and live screen broadcasts on platforms like YouTube. In addition to this, one can edit, trim, cut, merge, delete some sections of the video.

For starters, launch the software and hit "+," located at the bottom left corner of the interface. In most cases, the "Scenes" box is automatically opened.

Now, scroll right to click on “Sources.” Tap “+” from the left corner of the tab and click “Display Capture” from the options that appear.

Add a title afterward and hit "Ok." After that, another window will appear showing multiple monitors. Choose the display and again hit "Ok."

From the lower right corner, click on "Start Recording," and there you go!

VLC - Reliable Screen Recorder Without Watermark for PC

VLC is the 3rd recommended tool which is reliable screen recorder no watermark. Mostly used CDs, DVDs, and VCDs player, VLC records screen like a pro. It is a free open source screen recording application that supports different audio and video formats.

VLC Screen Recorder Without Watermark App Design

To record screen with VLC, please follow the steps:

  • Launch this free screen recorder for PC without watermark and tap on the "Media" tab to hit "Convert/Save." From the "Capture Device" tab, switch the "Capture Mode" dropdown to "Desktop."
  • Now, set the frames per second in the "Desired Frame Rate" box. Click on "Convert/Save" afterward. Choose the file output destination by clicking on "Browse."
  • Hit "Start," and the VLC will initiate the screen recording.

Free Cam - Record Screen for PC with Audio 

Now that we have sufficient information pertaining to using VLC record screen without watermark given in part 3, let us talk about Free Cam in this section. Free Cam screen recorder for PC without watermark records the screen like an expert while offering a resolution of 720p. It also removes background noises effortlessly and helps you record the screen of your PC with audio.

Free Cam Screen Recorder Without Watermark Options

  • Open the Free Cam tool and hit "New Recording" from the interface. 
  • Choose the targeted area and video preferences. For instance, if the user wants this for full screen, or a limited ratio of the video, or from a specific application.
  • Hit the Red button to initiate the recording and tap on “Done” to conclude it. Then, you can get your screen recording without watermark.

Recordcast - HD Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark

We shall now consider introducing Recordcast as a screen recorder no watermark PC tool. In addition to recording the screen like an expert, this application makes changes to the video, such as trimming or adding text to it. It is free and consistently fixes bugs.

Recordcast Screen Recorder Without Watermark Features

Following are the detailed procedure to record your screen without watermark using Recordcast web-based recorder. 

Launch Recordcast first and hit "Record Free." Choose the recording mode afterward and pick the recording options.

After that, start the recording process and tap "Stop" when you are done. Save it and access it anytime.

Bandicam - Easy-to-Use PC Screen Recorder No Watermark 

As we have revolved around Free Cam video recorder for PC, let us shift our focus to Bandicam in this section. Being a robust HD screen recorder for PC without watermark tool, Bandicam captures 4K ultra-high-definition video with a frame rate of 120. It allows taking screenshots in multi formats such as JPEG, PNG, and BMP across its easy-to-use interface.

Bandicam Screen Recorder Without Watermark Functions

The steps are given below for its successful operation:

Launch Bandicam and click on “Fullscreen” mode. Now, hit “REC” to initiate the recording process.

Now, go to “Home” and then click “Videos.” This will give the user access to captured videos.

ScreenRec - Webcam Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark 

Followed by the online video recorder no watermark - ScreenRec, which supports both desktop and facecam recording with the voice at the same time. So it’s convenient to show your facial emotions to shorten the distance between you and the audience when recording a gaming, a meeting, a presentation, and an online class. Unfortunately, it has no editing tools like iTop Screen Recorder, but it is available for auto-saving, instantly sharing, no time limit, and no lag recording like most screen recorder for PC without watermark.

Webcam Screen Recorder Without Watermark

Record a video with the following steps.

Open it on your Window, Linux, or Mac, and press Alt + S to select the screen capture area.

Click the Video Camera button to start recording. While recording, you can enable/disable the mic, webcam, and system audio as you want.

Press “Stop” to finish recording, and the shareable link will be auto-copied to your clipboard. Then you can play, save or delete it.

FonePaw Screen Recorder - Smart Screen Recorder No Watermark for PC

Now that the 8th recommendation for the simple and smart screen recorder no watermark- FonePaw Screen Recorder is coming. It makes the recording process easier when you are unwilling to miss an important meeting or live show but you are not available during that period. You can schedule a recording task with its start/stop time, and then it will automatically record the screen when the set time is up.

Simple & Smart Screen Recorder No Watermark

See how it works with the below steps.

Run FonePaw Screen Recorder on your computer and choose the area on your screen that you want to capture in its video recording feature. 

Next, specify the recording settings like audio source, format, storage path, and webcam if needed.

Then, click the "REC" button to start recording and stop it by clicking the blue square. Once the recording is done,  you can preview and output the recorded video without watermark added.

ShareX - One-Click Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark

ShareX is the simplest screen recorder for PC no watermark on the market. It's a gadget built into Share X - a comprehensive image and video editing software, but it's really useful. It allows you to flexibly record your screen only in MP4 format. However, it didn’t set limitations to watermark, file size, or recording time. So if you just seek a screen recorder for PC without watermark and no other advanced demands, you can try it following the below steps.

One-Click Screen Recorder for PC Without Watermark

Launch ShareX on your computer and click > “Capture” > “Screen Recording”. 

Drag your mouse to box the area you want to record and the moment you release the mouse, the screen recording starts automatically without confirmation.

Click “Stop” to finish the recording and find the recorded videos on the main interface.

Screencast-O-Matic - All-in-One Free PC Screen Recorder No Watermark

Similar to iTop Screen Recorder, Screencast-O-Matic is also a powerful and free screen recorder no watermark. It can capture the screen flexibly, do after-editing via images, text, and music, and share the recorded videos to various platforms like YouTube easily. Besides, it supports recording on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, and Chromebook. But the big difference between it and iTop Screen Recorder is that its free version only captures up to 15 minutes and you can only record audio from your microphone. 

An All-in-one Free Screen Recorder No Watermark

There is a simple guide for you to finish a complete recording.

Launch this free screen recorder no watermark on your Windows or other devices.

Then set your preferences of recording settings like audio, format, webcam, and save location.

Next, stop the recording and go to the editing tool. With it, you can trim, and add captions and images to your recorded videos.

Finally, preview the recordings and share them on social platforms directly.

A Comparison of the 10 Best Screen Recorder Without Watermark PC

Product No Lag Quality Format Watermark Pricing
iTop Screen Recorder 1080p MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, GIF  Optional Unlimited Free
OBS Studio × 1080p FLV, MKV, MP4, MOV, TS, M3U8 × Free
VLC × 1080p MP4, WebM, TS, OGG, ASF, MP3, FLAC, CD ×  Free
Free Cam × 720p Only WMV Format × Free
Recordcast × 1080p Only MP4 Format × $3.99/month
Bandicam × 4K UHD MP4, AVI, MKV, WebM, MP3 × $39.95 (1-PC Licence)
ScreenRec 1080p Only MP4 Format × Free
FonePaw Screen Recorder 1080p MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI × 3 Minutes Free Trial/$19.56(1-PC Licence)/month
ShareX × 1080p Only MP4 Format × Free
Screencast-O-Matic × 1080p MP4, MOV, WebM × Free/Paid

Notice: As stated in the table, it can be seen that iTop Screen Recorder provides the most exquisite set of features to its users. With highlighting features such as no lagging, quality results, and free service, especially for its No-watermark feature, you should consider using iTop Screen Recorder as your getaway solution to effectively capture HD video.

Final Remarks

The article offered an exhaustive approach to the 10 best screen recorder for PC without watermark. There has been a detailed procedure as well to guide the users in the right direction. However, if users wish to experience an  HD screen recorder no watermark for PC free download with a free, safe, and easy-to-use interface, they should consider opting for iTop Screen Recorder, which is called free video recorder no watermark as well, as their first choice.  We hope that we were helpful to the readers and as clear as a crystal. Download iTop Screen Recorder now and start to record your screen without watermark from today!

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