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[Free & Easy] Recording PowerPoint as a Narrated Video with Audio

Recording PowerPoint as video is an effective strategy to promote your content online. This article provides a step-by-step guide for you.

Video is a popular medium because it combines visuals and sound, giving people more engaging digital content than any other type. Recording PowerPoint as video has been widely used in homeschooling during the global pandemic. By turning a PPT presentation into a narrated video, students could watch the PowerPoint and listen to the explanation given by teachers.

Record PowerPoint as Video

Besides educational lectures, PowerPoint videos have also been made for sales presentations, product demonstrations, and employee training. From the classroom to the boardroom, recording PowerPoint presentation with audio and video is on a rising trend in the year 2021. Learning the particle skill is something you should not ignore. In this article, we’ve rounded up a few solutions for your PowerPoint recording needs. Pick up one and create your stunning PowerPoint video with ease! 

Using Slide Show - Recording PowerPoint as Video on MS

There are plenty of methods to record PowerPoint as video. The first way we will show you is to use the recording feature of Microsoft PowerPoint to narrate a PowerPoint presentation. We will take PowerPoint Office 365 (the latest version) as an example.

Step1. Check your Microphone Volume

Since you will add a voiceover in your PowerPoint presentation, it is necessary to correctly set the microphone volume to ensure a better performance. Click the “Speaker” icon shown on the lower right side of your screen and select “Recording devices” for microphone volume configuration. 

Record PowerPoint as Video on MS Step One

Step 2. Prepare for a Narrated PowerPoint

Before recording, make sure your PowerPoint file is saved in pptx format. Click “Slide Show” > “Record Slide Show” and choose “Record from Current Side” or “Record from Beginning” to continue. A recording window will pop up once select, and you can add audio or video narration by toggling on the relevant icons at the lower-right of the screen. When you are ready, hit the red “Record” button at the upper-left of the screen to start the slide show recording. 

Record PowerPoint as Video on MS Step Two

Step 3. Record PowerPoint as Video

During the recording, you could use a pen or highlighter to interact with your audience, making your presentation more engaging. Pause and stop are available at any time. Hit the grey square “Stop” button when you are finished with the current slide. There will be audio and, or web camera icon(s) displaying on the lower-right corner of your slide. By clicking the red “Record” button again, you could continue the slide show recording. 

Record PowerPoint as Video on MS Step Three

Step 4. Save a Narrated PowerPoint Video

After editing all the details to your satisfaction, hit the “File” > “Export” > “Create a Video.” Choose the “Ultra HD (4K)” for the best video quality and click the “Create Video” icon to export the narrated presentation on your computer in a video format.

Record PowerPoint as Video on MS Step Four

Using Online Screen Recording - Record PowerPoint on Mac

Besides taking advantage of Microsoft PowerPoint’s recording feature, you could also turn to a web-based screen recorder to record PowerPoint presentations with audio and video mac. Without complicating downloading and installing process, iTop’s online screen recorder is a totally free tool that you do not even need a login account to use its features. Hence, it comes to your first choice when you want to simplify the PowerPoint recording on Mac. Let us start to record PowerPoint as video in the simple three steps:

Step 1

Go to the official website of iTop online screen recorder, and click the Start Recording Now button.

Record PowerPoint Presentation with Audio and Video Mac Step One

Step 2

Select a sound source, and there are three options: microphone audio, browser audio, and no audio. If you want to add your narration to the PPT presentation, choose “microphone audio”. Next, choose a region you want to record. iTop’s online screen recorder allows capturing a full-screen, chrome tab, or a specific window. After all the configuration, you could begin the PowerPoint recording.

Record PowerPoint Presentation with Audio and Video Mac Step Two

Step 3

After you have done with your PPT recording, press stop to complete the recording. Videos could be only saved as "WebM".

While it is easy to operate, iTop online screen recorder has some restrictions. For instance, to ensure good video quality, the maximum recording time is limited to ten minutes. Additionally, the online screen recorder does not support webcam recording and it is not equipped with an editing tool either.

Record PowerPoint Presentation with Audio and Video Mac Step Three

Using iTop Screen Recorder - Record PowerPoint on Windows

Due to the limitation of online screen recorder, using a computer application alternative is suggested if you have higher demands on recording PowerPoint as video. iTop Screen Recorder is one of the options. The software is typically designed for Windows users to record high-quality video (4K definition) with flexible capture regions. Meanwhile, iTop Screen Recorder has a primary video tool that allows its users to trim, cut, and split captured videos. Besides, the powerful utility supports face camera recording, making it the perfect choice to add narration to your PowerPoint.

Compared with the built-in recording feature of MS, iTop Screen Recorder could enable smoother screencasting with no lagging thanks to its high CPU utilization. And another advantage is that you have multiple video output choices, including MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, MP3, and GIF, which make your PowerPoint videos more accessible.

Below is a tutorial that illustrates how to record PowerPoint as video with the help of iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download and Installation

Download iTop Screen Recorder at the official website and run the setup file to accomplish the installation. 

Step 2. Set up Preference

After installing iTop Screen Recorder on your computer, you will see the main screen to configure the recording setting as per your needs. Remember to click save once ticking relevant boxes. If you want to add narration to your PowerPoint, select Record Microphone when recording. Before officially start recording, hit the drop-down arrow next to the Full-Screen button, and select a recording region. In this case, choose the second option (Select Window) to begin the PowerPoint recording. 

Record PowerPoint as Video with iTop Screen Recorder Step Two

Step 3. Record PowerPoint as Video

Click the red recording button to start recording. There is a floating toolbar on the right-upper corner of the screen, making it possible to pause and take a screenshot during the recording process. Once finished, click the Done button, and you will find your PowerPoint video recording under the My Creations tab. Right-click the video to expand the menu, and you can preview, edit, upload, or delete it as per your wish.  

Record PowerPoint as Video with iTop Screen Recorder Step Three


PowerPoint presentation is the most effective way to share information. However, by integrating PowerPoint with narration and turning it into a video, you could make the information sharing even better. After comparing the mainstream tools in the market, we have found that using iTop Screen Recorder is one of the best tools to record PowerPoint as video. It’s completely free to use without a time limit or watermark. Therefore, we strongly recommend you download it for a better PowerPoint recording experience.

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