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How to Take A Picture on Windows Both Freely and Effortlessly

Completely free techniques about how to take a picture on Windows. You can take a full screen, active window, or any region of your PC screen quickly.

People need to take a screenshot of their computer screen every day for work or just for sharing a piece of interesting content, so it is an important skill to know how to take a picture on Windows. Some people may not be satisfied with simply capturing an image of their screen, and they want to know how to edit, annotate, corp, and share these pictures for free. Cover of How to Take A Picture on Windows

We have rounded up 3 best and free techniques to teach you how to take a picture on Windows computers, whether you want to save a picture of an entire desktop, a single window, or any region of your screen. Let's dive right in.

Use the Screenshot Feature of A Screen Recorder to Capture Your Screen

If you already installed a desktop screen recording application, you can use its built-in screenshot features to take a picture of your computer screen. Using a desktop screen recorder app has quite a few advantages. For example, it can take a screenshot of high-quality. It provides more screen capturing, editing, and sharing options.

If you don't have a desktop app for screen capturing yet, we recommend iTop Screen Recorder. This software is one of the top-class screen recorders for Windows users with outstanding screenshot features.

  • You can take GIF pictures to better illustrate the content you want to share.
  • You can take a screenshot while recording.
  • You can take a screenshot with convenient hotkeys.
  • You can grab a picture of a full screen, a webpage, a game window, or any preferred area.
  • It leaves no watermark on saved screenshots.

How to Take a Picture on Windows with iTop Screen Recorder? 

Step 1. Launch the software after you successfully install it. It is a lightweight application and only takes a little time to install.

Step 2. Click on "Quick Settings" and go to "Advanced Settings" at the lower-left corner.

Step 3. Select Hotkeys to set up hotkey combinations for taking a screenshot.

Set Up the Hotkeys in iTop Screen Recorder

Step 4. Use the hots keys you just set up and select an area where you want to take a picture.

Step 5. Find the saved screen picture in the "My Creation" folder of this simple yet powerful screen recorder.

Navigate to My Creation to Find Your Raw Footage

iTop Screen Recorder is not only a tool for grabbing a picture of your computer desktop but a professional-grade screen recorder. It can make a video of what is happening on your desktop as well as edit the recordings. It can record full HD games and capture in-game high-quality screenshots simultaneously in Windows. Moreover, it also supports recording video conferences or classes and snapshotting the important moments. With it, you can have both screenshot and screen recording functionalities on your Windows PC. 

Use A Free Tool to Take A Picture on Windows 10

You may wonder how to take a picture on Windows without a screen recorder. Instead of using a desktop application, Windows, especially the most used Windows 10, provides many free key shortcuts and tools to help users take quick screenshots of their PC. The most frequently adopted method is the Print Screen key, usually abbreviated as PrtSc (or others), is a keyboard key on most Windows keyboard to snap a full screen on Windows. You can use it solely or use it in key combinations to produce real-time screenshots.

How to Use Alt + Print Screen/Win + Print Screen to take a picture on Windows?

The specific steps may vary a little bit on different Windows versions. Here we explain how to take a picture Windows 10

How to take a picture of desktop with Win key + Print Screen key:

Step 1. Press down Win and Print Screen keys together, Windows 10 will take a picture of everything on your display.

How to Take a Picture of Desktop on Windows

Step 2. Find the picture in the default Pictures > Screenshots folder in File Explorer because the picture will be saved automatically in PNG format there.

How to take a picture on Windows with Alt key + Print Screen key

Step 1. Stay on the window which you want to take a photo of.

Step 2. Press down the Alt and Print Screen key together. Windows 10 will take a picture of the active window on your screen and copy it to the Clipboard. 

How to Take a Picture Windows 10

Step 3. Manually paste it to a document like Microsoft Word or open it with a picture editor such as Microsoft Paint to be able to save it.

The Print Screen and Win/Alt + Print Screen key shortcuts are free and handy, but it has many limits and lacks flexibility. For instance, it is not friendly to older Windows versions because it is only available in Windows 10 and Windows 8. You can't customize the screen area for capturing. Neither can you edit, annotate, or corp the shot images directly.

Use A Dedicated Screenshot Tool to Take A Picture on Windows

If you are tired of the tedious Windows Print Screen key, it is advisable to use a professional and dedicated PC screenshot tool like iTop Screenshot. It can quickly take screenshots of a selected region, window, or full screen. It can capture the computer screen with hotkeys and share images to social media with ease. It allows immediate annotation, caption, and highlighting on screenshots.

How to Take A Picture On Windows with iTop Screenshot?

Step 1. Install this easy-to-use PC screenshot tool and open it.

Step 2. Go to Settings and go through General, Capture, Format, and Hotkeys preferences before capturing the content with Windows. 

Take A Picture on Windows with iTop Screenshot

Step 3. Go back to the main window and hit the blue Capture button. 

How to Take a Picture on Windows Free

Step 4. Select an area by dragging the axis or left-click the mouse to take a picture for the full desktop.

Step 5. Save it and edit it within iTop Screenshot if needed. 


There is an increasing need to know how to take a picture on Windows. Taking a screenshot on Windows is very helpful for educational purposes like note-taking or for content sharing purposes like an online receipt. Using Windows built-in free Print Screen key or other tools like a game bar or snipping tool can help with a quick screenshot. If you would like to be able to personalize your picture with Windows, iTop Screen Recorder is what you should choose as it comes with both screenshot and screen recording capabilities. Try it today to grab a picture of your Windows PC quickly and easily. 

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