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Ways to Record CS: GO with Different Screen Recorder

How to Record CS: GO, the one most hot FPS game with OBS studio & another compatible screen recorder like iTop iTop Screen Recorder & OBS Studio.

CS: GO, or the “ Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” is one of the most successful game sequels Valve had released. Inherited the core game mechanic from the epic Half-life mod – Counter-Strike. Powered by the Source Engine, the Counter-Strike has reached its new peak both for better graphic presents & realistic physical engine expressiveness. The CS: GO was an atomic boom back to August 21 and still a big hit today. After 9 years of its first launching, the CS: GO still has 720,202 active players in April 2021. It well-deserved to be called a miracle in videogame history.

How to Record CS:GO with Screen Recorder

Check out the CS: GO-related videos on YouTube, the newest DreamHack tournament video uploaded 9 hours ago still received over 100,000 views. Not only the match tournaments, almost all CS: GO related video types, like the game tutorial, 50 things you want to know in CS: GO, or the highlight footages, like best kill compliments or 50 CS: GO funny moments, legendary plays… The theme & the topic for CS: GO video is of great variety and almost all CS: GO videos have high popularity. If you are a CS: GO player, and one who ambitions to be a content creator on YouTube, then make CS: GO-related video could be a good kick start for your career. Now the first question about making the CS: GO videos: How to record CS: GO game screen?

How to Use Screen Recorder to Record CS: GO Video

To capture & record CS: GO game, we will need to use screen capture & record software to help you accomplish this task. I would like to introduce two of the screen recorders & give a brief guide to how to use them to record your CS: GO screen.

How to Use OBS Studio to Record CS: GO Video 

The OBS studio. As well-known streaming & recording software, OBS is now dominant in functionalities & cost efficiency (OBS is freeware) and accepted as one of the 10 best game screen recorders that meet all your needs. The OBS is powerful enough for supporting all kinds of streaming and recording tasks with its comprehensive functionalities.

Step 1: Make sure you are running CS: GO, then execute the OBS Studio.

Use OBS to Screen Record CS:GO

Step 2: You may locate your CS: GO scene and sources in OBS Studio. Begin with creating a new Scene for your CS: GO recording. Click the plus sign under the “Scene” tab, enter a name to create a new scene.

In OBS Studio version 25.0.4, the default locations for scenes and sources are the bottom left.

Setting Up the OBS to Screen Record CS:GO

Step 3: Add a display capture source by clicking the “+” symbol in the sources box. Choose “Game Capture.” The properties for the ‘Game Capture’ window will pop up, and then choose “Capture specific window” in the “Mode” drop menu. Then choose your CS: GO process in the “Window” dropdown. You will see your CS: GO game scene shows up individually.

Setting Up the OBS to Screen Record CS:GO

Step 4: After you’ve added the display capture source, then click “OK.” Then look at the options under the “Controls” tab below the right-hand corner. To record your CS: GO play, click the button “Start Recording” the OBS studio will begin to record the gameplay. You may terminate the recording anytime by clicking “Stop Recording.”

Setting Up the OBS to Screen Record CS:GO

Step 5: After recording, you can find your recorded video files in the “video” folder of your system.

How to Record Discord with Other Free Screen Recorder [Free & Easy]

Considered the functionalities & popularity, the OBS is truly the king of the screen recording/ streaming software. Does that mean the OBS is the one perfect screen catcher and the only one that capable of recording & streaming CS: GO?  That is not necessarily true to me. For me, its learning curve is a bit steep. It took me a lot of time to understand its logic & how to use it. Also, the software cap too much of the system resources; Not meeting the requirements as a productivity tool for some wooden PCs.

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iTop Screen Recorder is One of the Handiest Free Recorder

To record CS: GO game video, if you are looking for a light-weighted screen recorder (compared to OBS), I would like to recommend iTop Screen Recorder as a handy tool that capable of recording the CS: GO video & do some editing job after recording. That is the real price of the iTop Screen Recorder –A easy-to-use, compact, light-weighted, and free screen recorder. If you feel tough to learn how to use OBS or had some problem meeting its hardware requirement, the iTop Screen Recorder has full capability to assist video makers & content providers.

How to Use iTop Screen Recorder to Screen Record CS:GO

Step 1. To record the CS: GO chat using iTop Screen Recorder, make sure your CS: GO is running, and execute the iTop Screen Recorder. Then switch to iTop Screen Recorder & click the drop-down menu of "Select a region", then choose "Select Window". The iTop Screen Recorder will automatically detect the CS: GO game window.

iTop Screen Recorder Selectable Features

Step 2. Click the red "REC" button & start recording. We can turn on/ off the show off the Speaker, Microphone, Mouse display & Webcam during the record of the CS: GO play. By clicking the red stop icon to stop recording.

You Can Edit & Play Screen Captured Video in My Creation

Step 3. You can manage the recorded video in "My creation." Also, the iTop Screen Recorder offered a video editor that allows you to do simple edits to your clip. In the “Setting” menu, iTop Screen Recorder allows you to set up the video resolution, output format, framerate, and audio quality.

Through the iTop Screen Recorder isn’t powerful in features when compared to OBS Studio, but for the great majority of situations, like record gameplay, the iTop Screen Recorder can still consider being a good choice.

Some Thing Left for the Last

Counter-Strike has accompanied me through my childhood. I still remember the shocking & astonishing when I first time played Counter-Strike. I still vaguely remember the joyful hours I spend with my friends in Counter-Strike. The best way to memorize this fantastic game is to record the CS: GO game & make some videos about it. Let’s use our creativity & idea to make some CS: GO videos. for the CS: GO community, for your friends & yourself, and the memories.  

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