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How to Record Valorant Gameplay Without Lag on PC for Free

How to record Valorant gameplay on PC with Valorant recorder? Download the best Valorant recording software to record Valorant gameplay in HD with no lag & FPS drop!

If you are a hardcore gamer who has tried the Valorant game, the chances are that you will play it again from time to time. At some point, you would like to record your favorite agent playing. That’s when you start searching for how to record Valorant gameplay. While there are many solutions to that, you would like to try the one that gives you the best captures and videos without lag and fps drop on PC.

How to Record Valorant Gameplay on PC

This article will show you how to record Valorant easily without overloading your machine with tasks. It’s all about capturing the game screen moments using the best free screen recorder in the market.

How to Record Valorant Gameplay: Best Free Valorant Recorder on PC

Some Valorant players have already shown you how it’s done on YouTube and other social platforms. What did they use to record? There may be success or issues in their recording, but how about using a game recorder that won't bother how your PC performs.

iTop Screen Recorder is professional screen recording software that features the ability to capture every activity on your screen. It offers the chance for you to record Valorant gameplay or any other gameplay videos without hitches. It gives full support of HD videos so that you can capture a gameplay video without quality loss. Thanks to its solid performance and minimal CPU usage, you can record Valorant gameplay without lag and FPS drop even on a low-end PC. Of course, all other running tasks on your computer will not be interrupted.

iTop Screen Recorder-Record HD Gameplay With No FPS Drops

  • Record high-performance PC game with no lag
  • Record HD game screen up to 200 FPS resolution
  • Record real-time gaming with webcam/picture in picture
  • Upload video to Youtube, Ins and Facebook within the tool

What can this best free Valorant recorder do for you? Check its excellent features. 

  • Game Mode to Record Valorant Gameplay: As the best valorant recording software, it detects the hardware in use to enable you to record Valorant gameplay on PC using the best settings, recording games without losing FPS. You get HD videos up to 4K with this powerful game recorder. And, if you have a low-end PC, there will be no stuttering problem with the screen recorder for valorant since it’s recording according to system requirements.
  • Valorant Recorder with Facecam & Audio: The free valorant recording software has webcam and audio settings that you can turn on to record your face and voice meanwhile in the video. So, it’s the best Valorant gameplay recorder to capture the amazing gameplay moments and yourself on the game. Besides recording Valorant or other gameplay videos with audio, it enables to record zoom meetings without permission, capture Netflix/YouTube videos etc., without hassle. 
  • No Screen & Time Limits to Record Valorant Gameplay: With the best game recorder for valorant, you can select the part of the screen you want to capture or record. There is no time limit meaning you can record for as long as your disk space permits. How you want it done is now left for you to decide.
  • Editing Recorded Valorant Gameplay Before Sharing: Besides a game recorder, it's a wonderful video editor. If you would like to rectify and cut out a few parts before posting it for others to see, it also can be a fantastic valorant clip recorder for you. So, it’s a fantastic valorant screen recorder packed with essential features to help set the scene just the way you like it.

How to Record Valorant Gameplay on PC for Free

Capturing your Valorant screenplay is easier than thought if you have iTop Screen Recorder on your PC. Whether you are using the latest NVIDIA graphics card or have that low-end PC that can’t accommodate much, here is how to record Valorant gameplay using iTop screen recorder.

Step 1: Download and install iTop Screen Recorder on your PC or try the online video recorder no need to download. 

Step 2: Start your Valorant gameplay and proceed to play. When the need comes to start recording, launch the screen recorder no watermark.

Step 3: Select the part you want to record and turn on other specifications such as speaker, sound, and microphone recording.

Start Recording Valorant Gameplay on Screen

That depends on how you want to get the recording. Next, ensure you have selected the game mode.

Use Game Mode to Capture Valorant Gameplay

Step 4: Once you are done with the settings, click the big red ‘REC’ button to start recording or hit F9 on your keyboard. You can let it record in the background. Once you are done, hit the stop or pause buttons or use F11.

Valorant Gameplay Recording

Step 5: Edit your video where necessary. Visit the ‘My Creations’ tab to see the video and share it.

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Bonus Tip: Best Valorant Settings on How to Record Valorant Gameplay

You need the best video settings to get the best output from a Valorant game session. So, you can set what iTop Screen Recorder will take later, and by turning unnecessary things off, you achieve a better FPS that will not be affected even when the recorder is running.

Here are some of the settings to consider for the best Valorant gameplay:

  • Display mode: Always go full screen on this game. There is a better view than windowed mode, which becomes tiring to the eyes if you are playing for long.
  • Resolution: Use the recommended monitor settings. Don’t go lower or higher to achieve optimized performance.
  • FPS Limit: Do not limit the FPS rate. So, it should be off. If your computer can achieve high FPS rates, there is no point in limiting it.
  • Max FPS: This one should always be on. That’s how you prioritize the FPS, which will be essential when playing and recording.

For the best graphics settings, you can work on the following settings:

  • Material quality: High/Medium
  • Detail quality: High
  • Texture quality: High/Medium
  • UI quality: Low
  • VSync: Off
  • Vignette: Off
  • Improve clarity: Off
  • Anti-Aliasing: MSAA 4x/2x
  • Bloom: Off
  • Anisotropic filtering:8x/4x
  • First-person shadows: Off
  • Distortion: Off

Best Valorant Settings on How to Record Valorant Gameplay

The End

How to record Valorant gameplay on PC? It is not a hard task when you get a powerful game recorder. iTop Screen Recorder is what you need. Developed as a versatile free screen recorder Windows 10, 8, 7 and the latest 11, it builds in a game mode letting you quickly access and record Valorant or other gameplay video in original quality. You can capture any video with no lag and FPS drop even on a low-end PC. What's more, there's no recording time limit before you press Stop. How long you play the game, how long the Valorant gameplay recording will be. Try it to record Valorant and share your awesome gameplay moments hassle-free.

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